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تناو کا ہارمون : Tanao Ka Harmon Meaning in English

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1 of 2) تناو کا ہارمون : Acth Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone Adrenocorticotrophin Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Adrenocorticotropin Corticotrophin Corticotropin : (noun) a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenal cortex.

2 of 2) تناو کا ہارمون : Adrenal Cortical Steroid Corticoid Corticosteroid : (noun) a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex or synthesized; administered as drugs they reduce swelling and decrease the body`s immune response.

Useful Words

گردوں کے قریب کے غدود : Adrenal : either of a pair of complex endocrine glands situated near the kidney. "Adrenal gland regulates metabolism".

سامنے کے دانت : Anterior : a tooth situated at the front of the mouth. "His malocclusion was caused by malposed anteriors".

بھیجے کی بیرونی تہ : Cerebral Cortex : the layer of unmyelinated neurons (the grey matter) forming the cortex of the cerebrum.

جسم کے لئے ضروری مادوں کو اپنے اندر محفوظ کرنے والا گلٹھی نما اعضاء : Gland : any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream.

ہارمون : Endocrine : the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect.

ابھارنا : Excite : act as a stimulant. "He stimulated me".

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