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1. Lambast VerbBawl Out, Berate, Call Down, Call On The Carpet, Chew Out, Chew Up, Chide, Dress Down, Have Words, Jaw, Lambaste, Lecture, Rag, Rebuke, Remonstrate, Reprimand, Reproof, Scold, Take To Task, Trounce

Censure severely or angrily.

Who scolded you?
He is being scolded.+ More


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2. Lambast VerbCane, Flog, Lambaste

Beat with a cane.

کوڑے مارنا

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See Also

Castigate, Chasten, Chastise, Correct, Objurgate - censure severely.

Brush Down, Tell Off - reprimand.

Criticise, Criticize, Knock, Pick Apart - find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws.

Useful Words

Angrily - with anger; "he angrily denied the accusation".

Beat, Musical Rhythm, Rhythm - the basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music; "the piece has a fast rhythm".

Cane - a stiff switch used to hit students as punishment.

Animadversion, Censure - harsh criticism or disapproval.

Badly, Gravely, Seriously, Severely - to a severe or serious degree; "fingers so badly frozen they had to be amputated".

With - with; "With whom is he?".

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