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1. Suffering NounAgony, Excruciation

A state of acute pain.

انتہائی درد


Hurting, Pain - a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder.

2. Suffering NounWoe

Misery resulting from affliction.

Woe unto them!


Miserableness, Misery, Wretchedness - a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune.

3. Suffering Miserable, Wretched

Very unhappy; full of misery.

Miserable person.
He felt depressed and miserable.+ More


Unhappy - experiencing or marked by or causing sadness or sorrow or discontent.

4. Suffering NounDistress, Hurt

Psychological suffering.

The death of his wife caused him great distress.

رنج / دکھ / غم

Anguish, Torment, Torture - extreme mental distress.

Useful Words

Acute, Intense - شدید - extremely sharp or intense; "acute pain".

Affliction - آفت - a cause of great suffering and distress.

Misery - مصیبت - a feeling of intense unhappiness; "She was exhausted by her misery and grief".

Annoyance, Bother, Botheration, Infliction, Pain, Pain In The Ass, Pain In The Neck - زحمت - something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness; "washing dishes was a nuisance before we got a dish washer".

State - حالت - the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "I know the state of your heart".

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