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2-Hydroxybenzoic Acid meaning in Urdu

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2-Hydroxybenzoic Acid Definitions

1) 2-Hydroxybenzoic Acid, Salicylic Acid : سیلی سیلک ایسڈ : (noun) a white crystalline substance with a bitter aftertaste; used as a fungicide or in making aspirin or dyes or perfumes.


Useful Words

Phthalic Acid : تھیلیک ایک تیزاب , Acrylamide : سفید تیزاب , Acid Hydrogen : ہائڈروجن کا تیزاب , Gout : گنٹھیا , Neutrophil : کئی شکلی مرکزائی لیوکوسائیٹ کی ایک قسم , Acetone Body : خون میں شامل مرکب , Linoleic Acid : چکنائیوں کا تیزاب , Sulfanilic Acid : پانی میں قدرے حل پزیر نیلے سفید رنگ کا قلمی مرکب , Acidification : تیزاب میں تبدیلی , Sulfonic Acid : سلفونک تیزاب , Acetylsalicylic Acid : اسپرین , Acetaldehyde : خوشبودار کیمیاء , Heptadecanoic Acid : بے رنگ ايسڈ , Methionine : قدرتی یا مصنوعی امائینو ایسڈ جو جگر کی بیماریوں کے علاج کے لیے کام آتا ہے , Sal Soda : دہوبی سوڈا , Cerotic Acid : ٹھوس فیٹی ایسڈ , Saccharic Acid : سفید قلمی شکری تیزاب , Oleic Acid : تیل کا تیزاب , Acid : تیزابی , Perboric Acid : بورک تیزاب کی ایک قسم , Achlorhydric : تیزاب کے بغیر , Urate : یورک ایسڈ کا نمک , Citric : کھٹاس والا , Sulfonate : وہ نمک جس میں گندھک کا تیزاب بطور بنیاد استعمال ہو , Perchlorate : برکلوریٹ تیزاب کا ایک نمک , Acetylic : تیزاب سے متعلق , Acetic : سرکے والا , Acidophilic : تیزابیت پسند جرثومہ , Xanthate : کیمیا صفوری نمک , Corrode : خراب کرنا , Acid-Forming : تیزاب آور

Useful Words Definitions

Phthalic Acid: a colorless acid used to make dyes and perfumes.

Acrylamide: a white crystalline amide of propenoic acid can damage the nervous system and is carcinogenic in laboratory animals.

Acid Hydrogen: a hydrogen atom in an acid that forms a positive ion when the acid dissociates.

Gout: a painful inflammation of the big toe and foot caused by defects in uric acid metabolism resulting in deposits of the acid and its salts in the blood and joints.

Neutrophil: the chief phagocytic leukocyte; stains with either basic or acid dyes.

Acetone Body: a ketone that is an intermediate product of the breakdown of fats in the body; any of three compounds (acetoacetic acid, acetone, and/or beta-hydroxybutyric acid) found in excess in blood and urine of persons with metabolic disorders.

Linoleic Acid: a liquid polyunsaturated fatty acid abundant in plant fats and oils; a fatty acid essential for nutrition; used to make soap.

Sulfanilic Acid: a crystalline acid made from aniline and used as a dye.

Acidification: the process of becoming acid or being converted into an acid.

Sulfonic Acid: an acid derived from sulphuric acid.

Acetylsalicylic Acid: the acetylated derivative of salicylic acid; used as an analgesic anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Bayer, Empirin, and St. Joseph) usually taken in tablet form; used as an antipyretic; slows clotting of the blood by poisoning platelets.

Acetaldehyde: a colorless volatile water-soluble liquid aldehyde used chiefly in the manufacture of acetic acid and perfumes and drugs.

Heptadecanoic Acid: a colorless crystalline synthetic fatty acid.

Methionine: a crystalline amino acid containing sulfur; found in most proteins and essential for nutrition.

Sal Soda: a sodium salt of carbonic acid; used in making soap powders and glass and paper.

Cerotic Acid: a white solid fatty acid found in waxes (such as beeswax).

Saccharic Acid: a white dicarboxylic acid formed from oxidation of sugar or starch.

Oleic Acid: a colorless oily liquid occurring as a glyceride; it is the major fatty acid in olive oil and canola oil; used in making soap and cosmetics and ointments and lubricating oils.

Acid: having the characteristics of an acid.

Perboric Acid: a form of boric acid.

Achlorhydric: lacking hydrochloric acid.

Urate: a salt of uric acid.

Citric: of or related to citric acid.

Sulfonate: a salt of sulphonic acid.

Perchlorate: a salt of perchloric acid.

Acetylic: of or related to acetic acid.

Acetic: relating to or containing acetic acid.

Acidophilic: especially of some bacteria; growing well in an acid medium.

Xanthate: a salt or ester of xanthic acid.

Corrode: cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid.

Acid-Forming: yielding an acid in aqueous solution.

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