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1) 440 Yards, Quarter Mile : چار سو چالیس گز : (noun) a unit of length equal to a quarter of 1 mile.


Useful Words

Quarter Section : چوتھائی مربع میل , 880 Yards : آدھا میل , International Mile : اسٹیٹیوٹ میل , Quarter Horse : ایک قسم کا گہوڑا , M : ایک میٹر , Admiralty Mile : بحری میل , Acre : ایکڑ , Pace : گز لمبائی کا پیمانہ , Garden Tool : باغ کا سامان , Marathon : لمبی دوڑ میل کی دوڑ , Flamethrower : ایک قسم کا ہتھیار , Miler : ایک میل دوڑ نے والا گہوڑا یا شخص , Saree : ہندوستانی لباس , 15 Minutes : پندرہ منٹ , Rad : قطر کا , Quadrant : ایک دائرے کا چوتھائی حصہ , Quarterly : چوتھائی کے متعلق , In : انچ , Hectometer : سو میٹر , Dam : دس میٹر کا پیمانہ , Micrometer : خردہ پیما , Centimeter : ایک میٹر کا سواں حصہ , Foot : ۱۲ انچ کا فٹ , 11 November : یوم مارٹن , Quarterly : سال کا چوتھائی حصہ , Kilometer : میٹر کا ایک کلومیٹر , Mil : لمبائی ناپنے کی اکائی , Farthing : برتانوی سکہ , Michaelmas : ضیافت میکائیل , Candlemas : عیسائیوں کا مذہبی تہوار , Ghetto : یہودیوں کی خاص بستی

Useful Words Definitions

Quarter Section: a land unit equal to a quarter of a section (160 acres) and measuring 1/2 mile on a side.

880 Yards: a unit of length equal to half of 1 mile.

International Mile: a unit of length equal to 1,760 yards or 5,280 feet; exactly 1609.344 meters.

Quarter Horse: a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile races in Virginia.

M: the basic unit of length adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1.094 yards).

Admiralty Mile: a former British unit of length equivalent to 6,080 feet (1,853.184 meters); 800 feet longer than a statute mile.

Acre: a unit of area (4840 square yards) used in English-speaking countries.

Pace: a unit of length equal to 3 feet; defined as 91.44 centimeters; originally taken to be the average length of a stride.

Garden Tool: used for working in gardens or yards.

Marathon: a footrace of 26 miles 385 yards.

Flamethrower: a weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards.

Miler: a runner in a one-mile race.

Saree: a dress worn primarily by Hindu women; consists of several yards of light material that is draped around the body.

15 Minutes: a quarter of an hour.

Rad: the unit of plane angle adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; equal to the angle at the center of a circle subtended by an arc equal in length to the radius (approximately 57.295 degrees).

Quadrant: a quarter of the circumference of a circle.

Quarterly: of or relating to or consisting of a quarter.

In: a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot.

Hectometer: a metric unit of length equal to 100 meters.

Dam: a metric unit of length equal to ten meters.

Micrometer: a metric unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter.

Centimeter: a metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter.

Foot: a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard.

11 November: the feast of Saint Martin; a quarter day in Scotland.

Quarterly: a periodical that is published every quarter (or four issues per year).

Kilometer: a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0.621371 miles).

Mil: a unit of length equal to one thousandth of an inch; used to specify thickness (e.g., of sheets or wire).

Farthing: a former British bronze coin worth a quarter of a penny.

Michaelmas: honoring the archangel Michael; a quarter day in England, Wales, and Ireland.

Candlemas: feast day commemorating the presentation of Christ in the temple; a quarter day in Scotland.

Ghetto: formerly the restricted quarter of many European cities in which Jews were required to live.

Related Words

Linear Measure : لمبائی کا پیمانہ

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