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عادتاً : Aadatan Meaning in English

Aadatan in Sentences

He arrived characteristically late.
Her habitually severe expression.

Aadatan in Detail

1 of 2) عادتاً معمولًا : Habitually : (adverb) according to habit or custom.


2 of 2) عادتاً : Characteristically : (adverb) in characteristic manner.

Useful Words

شکایت کرنے کی عادی : Fretful , ناپاک طور پر : Uncleanly , صفائی پسند : Cleanly , روز استعمال کرنا : Habituate , چرس کا عادی : Pothead , نخرے کرنے والا : Poser , سچ بولنے والا : Veracious , شکی : Doubter , نا فرمان : Froward , سوجنے والا : Gloomy Gus , لباس میں لاپرواہ : Frowsy , مناسب : Becoming , عادت : Habit , عادی : Used To , اجتماع : Congregation , عام تعطیل : Holiday , خود بنوانا : Bespoke , ناراض : Loath , رسم : Formalities , حلال : Lawful , رسم : Honoring , حسب معمول : Customarily , رسمی : Customary , مانوس : Accustomed , سلیقہ مندی : Tidiness , دستور : Consuetude , قانونی طور پر : Lawfully , عجیب رویہ : Crotchet , رشتے داروں میں شادی : Endogamy , بھول جانا جیسے کوئی عادت : Unlearn , غیر فطری رویہ : Abnormality

Useful Words Definitions

Fretful: habitually complaining.

Uncleanly: habitually unclean.

Cleanly: habitually clean.

Habituate: take or consume (regularly or habitually).

Pothead: someone who smokes marijuana habitually.

Poser: a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not .

Veracious: habitually speaking the truth.

Doubter: someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs.

Froward: habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition.

Gloomy Gus: someone with a habitually sullen or gloomy expression.

Frowsy: negligent of neatness especially in dress and person; habitually dirty and unkempt.

Becoming: according with custom or propriety.

Habit: an established custom.

Used To: in the habit.

Congregation: a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church.

Holiday: a day on which work is suspended by law or custom.

Bespoke: (of clothing) custom-made.

Loath: unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom.

Formalities: a requirement of etiquette or custom.

Lawful: according to custom or rule or natural law.

Honoring: conformity with law or custom or practice etc..

Customarily: by custom; according to common practice.

Customary: in accordance with convention or custom.

Accustomed: (often followed by `to') in the habit of or adapted to.

Tidiness: the habit of being tidy.

Consuetude: a custom or usage that has acquired the force of law.

Lawfully: in a manner acceptable to common custom.

Crotchet: a strange attitude or habit.

Endogamy: marriage within one`s own tribe or group as required by custom or law.

Unlearn: discard something previously learnt, like an old habit.

Abnormality: behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality.

Close Words

عادتاً طویل عرصے سے : Chronically

Close Words Definitions

Chronically: in a habitual and longstanding manner.

کُھلّم کُھلّا