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اعلیٰ نَسَب کے لوگ : Aala Nasb Kay Log Meaning in English

Aala Nasb Kay Log in Detail

1) اعلی نسب کے لوگ : Gentlefolk : (noun) people of good family and breeding and high social status.


Useful Words

اچھی پرورش کا نتیجہ : Breeding : the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior). "A woman of breeding and refinement".

خاندان : Family : a social unit living together. "There seems to be a problem in his household because there is a lot of noise is heard outside".

اچھا : Good : (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good` is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well`). "She did her job very well".

زیادہ : High : a lofty level or position or degree. "You are bidding high".

لوگ : People : (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively. "What do I tell people?".

سماجی : Social : relating to human society and its members. "Take care of social distance to avoid coronavirus".

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