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آمد : Aamad Meaning in English

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Aamad in Detail

1 of 4) Arrival : آمد : (noun) the act of arriving at a certain place.

Related : Action : something done (usually as opposed to something said). Ingress : the act of entering. Return : a coming to or returning home.


2 of 4) Advent : آمد : (noun) arrival that has been awaited (especially of something momentous).

English Synonym(s) : Coming

3 of 4) Approach : آمد : (noun) the temporal property of becoming nearer in time.

English Synonym(s) : Approaching Coming

Urdu Synonym(s) : آنا

4 of 4) Check In : آمد : (verb) announce one's arrival, e.g. at hotels or airports.

English Synonym(s) : Sign In

Useful Words

آمد : Arrival : the act of arriving at a certain place. "Thanks for your arrival"

اسامی : Berth, Billet, Office, Place, Position, Post, Situation, Spot : a job in an organization. "He occupied a post in the treasury"

مقام : Lieu, Place, Position, Stead : the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another. "Can you go in my stead?"

مقام : Place, Position : an item on a list or in a sequence. "In the second place"

قانون : Act, Enactment : a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body.

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