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آوارگی : Aawargi Meaning in English

Aawargi in Sentences

Pepto-bismol is good for diarrhea.
She followed him in his wanderings and looked after him.

Aawargi in Detail

1 of 3) آوارگی آوارہ گردی : Roving Vagabondage Wandering : (noun) travelling about without any clear destination.

2 of 3) عیاشی آوارگی : Rakishness : (noun) the quality of a rake.

3 of 3) آوارگی : Looseness : (noun) the quality of movability by virtue of being free from attachment or other restraints.

Useful Words

سفر میں : On The Road , راہ دکھانا : Channelise , بریک مارنا : Brake , سرکس : Circus , خالی کرنا : Void , بھجوانے کا عمل : Forwarding , اس جگہ : Around , جس پر پتہ درج ہو : Addressed , پہنچنا : Arrive At , گھر کی سمت : Homing , بھیجنا : Deliver , پہنچنا : Arrive , نزدیکی : Closing , مٹر گشت کرنا : Cast , آوارہ گردی کرنا : Digress , اغواء : Highjack , پہنچنے کا وقت : Arrival Time , طیارہ اغوا کرنے والا : Highjacker , صاف ہونا : Brighten , واضع : Bold , صاف اور بلند : Clarion , وہ جو واضع نہ ہو : Enigmatic , صاف شفاف : Limpid , احتزاز کرنا : Avoid , واضح کرنے والی : Clarifying , گھاس پھوس صاف کرنا : Weed , غیر واضح : Unclear , واضع : Lucid , ظہور : Manifestation , تہوڑا اوپر : Atrip , صاف کرنا : Crystalise

Useful Words Definitions

On The Road: travelling about.

Channelise: direct the course; determine the direction of travelling.

Brake: stop travelling by applying a brake.

Circus: a travelling company of entertainers; including trained animals.

Void: clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place or receptacle) of something.

Forwarding: the act of sending on to another destination.

Around: to a particular destination either specified or understood.

Addressed: (of mail) marked with a destination.

Arrive At: reach a destination, either real or abstract.

Homing: orienting or directing homeward or to a destination.

Deliver: bring to a destination, make a delivery.

Arrive: reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress.

Closing: approaching a particular destination; a coming closer; a narrowing of a gap.

Cast: move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment.

Digress: move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment.

Highjack: seizure of a vehicle in transit either to rob it or divert it to an alternate destination.

Arrival Time: the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to arrive at a given destination.

Highjacker: someone who uses force to take over a vehicle (especially an airplane) in order to reach an alternative destination.

Brighten: become clear.

Bold: clear and distinct.

Clarion: loud and clear.

Enigmatic: not clear to the understanding.

Limpid: clear and bright.

Avoid: stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something.

Clarifying: that makes clear.

Weed: clear of weeds.

Unclear: not clear to the mind.

Lucid: having a clear mind.

Manifestation: a clear appearance.

Atrip: (of an anchor) just clear of the bottom.

Crystalise: cause to take on a definite and clear shape.

Related Words

ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ جانے کا عمل : Travel , بے مقصد ادہر ادہر آوارگی کرنے کا عمل : Drifting , قابل حرکت : Movability , عیاشی : Dissoluteness

Close Words

اوباش انداز سے : Carelessly

Close Words Definitions

Carelessly: in a rakish manner.