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1 of 2) Abaca, Manila Hemp, Manilla Hemp : بھنگ کی قسم : (noun) a kind of hemp obtained from the abaca plant in the Philippines.

2 of 2) Abaca, Manila Hemp, Musa Textilis : کیلے کے درخت کی ایک قسم : (noun) Philippine banana tree having leafstalks that yield Manila hemp used for rope and paper etc.

Useful Words

Manila : منیلا کاغذ , Haschisch : چرس , Bhang : بھنگ , Oakum : پرانے رسوں کا سن , Cannabis : بھنگ , African Bowstring Hemp : افریقی چرس کا پودہ , Matting : چٹائی نما , Cable : موٹی رسی , Ret : پانی میں بھگونا تاکہ اس پر سے چھلکا وغیرہ اتارہ جاسکے , Abyssinian Banana : حبشی کیلا , Admiral Dewey : امریکی بحریہ کا افسر جارج , Stalk : تنا , Carabao : آبی بھینس , Filipino : فلپائن کا باشندہ , Anoa Mindorensis : چھوٹی بھینس , Barong : چاقو , Agathis Alba : فلپائنی پودا , Aglaomorpha Meyeniana : فلپائنی جھاڑی , Filipino : فلپائن کی زبان , Abb : اشتراکی جنگجو تنظیم , Horseshoe Bat : بھوری چمگادڑ , Cutting : پودے کی قلم , Aerophyte : ذیلی پودہ , Axis : تنا , Heartrot : پودوں کی بیماری , Jambul : جامن , Abu Sayyaf : ابو سیاف گروپ , Homoptera : پودوں کی کیڑے , Getable : قابل حصول , Inaccessible : ناقابل حصول , Accessible : قابل رسائی

Useful Words Definitions

Manila: a strong paper or thin cardboard with a smooth light brown finish made from e.g. Manila hemp.

Haschisch: purified resinous extract of the hemp plant; used as a hallucinogen.

Bhang: a preparation of the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant; much used in India.

Oakum: loose hemp or jute fiber obtained by unravelling old ropes; when impregnated with tar it was used to caulk seams and pack joints in wooden ships.

Cannabis: the most commonly used illicit drug; considered a soft drug, it consists of the dried leaves of the hemp plant; smoked or chewed for euphoric effect.

African Bowstring Hemp: bowstring hemp of South Africa.

Matting: a covering of coarse fabric (usually of straw or hemp).

Cable: a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire.

Ret: place (flax, hemp, or jute) in liquid so as to promote loosening of the fibers from the woody tissue.

Abyssinian Banana: large evergreen arborescent herb having huge paddle-shaped leaves and bearing inedible fruit that resemble bananas but edible young flower shoots; sometimes placed in genus Musa.

Admiral Dewey: a United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American War.

Stalk: a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ.

Carabao: water buffalo of the Philippines.

Filipino: a native or inhabitant of the Philippines.

Anoa Mindorensis: small buffalo of Mindoro in the Philippines.

Barong: a knife resembling a cleaver; used in the Philippines.

Agathis Alba: native to the Moluccas and Philippines; a source of dammar resin.

Aglaomorpha Meyeniana: epiphytic fern with large fronds; Taiwan and Philippines.

Filipino: official language of the Philippines; based on Tagalog; draws its lexicon from other Philippine languages.

Abb: an urban hit squad and guerrilla group of the Communist Party in the Philippines; formed in the 1980s.

Horseshoe Bat: any of numerous bats of the family Hipposideridae of northwest Africa or Philippines or Australia having a horseshoe-shaped leaf on the nose.

Cutting: a part (sometimes a root or leaf or bud) removed from a plant to propagate a new plant through rooting or grafting.

Aerophyte: plant that derives moisture and nutrients from the air and rain; usually grows on another plant but not parasitic on it.

Axis: the main stem or central part about which plant organs or plant parts such as branches are arranged.

Heartrot: any plant disease in which the central part of a plant rots (especially in trees).

Jambul: Jambul or Jamun is a purple coloured Indian summer fruit also found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Abu Sayyaf: a small gang of militants claiming to seek a separate Islamic state for the Muslim minority in the Philippines; uses bombing and assassination and extortion and kidnapping.

Homoptera: plant lice (aphids); whiteflies; cicadas; leafhoppers; plant hoppers; scale insects and mealybugs; spittle insects.

Getable: capable of being obtained.

Inaccessible: not capable of being obtained.

Accessible: easily obtained.

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