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1 of 2) Abdias, Obadiah : عبيده علیہ السلام : (noun) a Hebrew minor prophet.

2 of 2) Abdias, Book Of Obadiah, Obadiah : کتاب عبیدہ : (noun) an Old Testament book telling Obadiah`s prophecies; the shortest book in the Christian Bible.

Useful Words

Aggeus : حضرت حجی , Hosea : ہوسیع نبی , Moses : حضرت موسی علیہ السلام , Laws : خمسہ موسی , Modern Hebrew : جدید عبرانی زبان , Additions To Esther : آستر کی کتاب میں اضافہ , Book Review : کتاب کا تنقیدی جائزہ , Prophetess : نبیہ , Divinatory : الہامی , Mahomet : محمد ﷺ , Al-Qur'an : قرآن پاک , Christ : حضرت عیسی علیہ السلام , Heth : عبرانی کا لفظ , Jonah : یونس علیہ السلام , Hebraist : عبرانی زبان کا ماہر , Jahvey : یہوہ , Rabbi : ربی , Hin : مائع تولنے کا قدیم عبرانی یونٹ , Noah : حضرت نوح علیہ السلام , Nickel-And-Dime : غیر اہم , Pinprick : پریشان کرنا , Accidentally : ضمنی طور پر , Minutia : معمولی چیز , Annoy : پریشان کرنا , Delinquency : طفلانہ گناہ , Brush : لڑائی , Cappadocia : مشرقی ایشیا کا ایک ملک , Weakly : آسانی سے , Prelim : پہلے حصے کا , Blip : دھچکا , Stickle : چھوٹی سی بات پر ضد کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Aggeus: a Hebrew minor prophet.

Hosea: a minor Hebrew prophet (8th century BC).

Moses: (Old Testament) the Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites from Egypt across the Red sea on a journey known as the Exodus; Moses received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai.

Laws: the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit.

Modern Hebrew: Hebrew used in Israel today; revived from ancient Hebrew.

Additions To Esther: an Apocryphal book consisting of text added to the Book of Esther.

Book Review: a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book).

Prophetess: a woman prophet.

Divinatory: resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy.

Mahomet: the Arab prophet who, according to Islam, was the last messenger of Allah (570-632).

Al-Qur'an: the sacred writings of Islam revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina.

Christ: a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth; his life and sermons form the basis for Christianity (circa 4 BC - AD 29).

Heth: the 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Jonah: (Old Testament) Jonah did not wish to become a prophet so God caused a great storm to throw him overboard from a ship; he was saved by being swallowed by a whale that vomited him out onto dry land.

Hebraist: linguist specializing in the Hebrew language.

Jahvey: a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH.

Rabbi: a Hebrew title of respect for a Jewish scholar or teacher.

Hin: ancient Hebrew unit of liquid measure = 1.5 gallons.

Noah: Prophet of Allah who saved himself with the help of Allah and some of his family and the animals by building an ark.

Nickel-And-Dime: of minor importance.

Pinprick: a minor annoyance.

Accidentally: of a minor or subordinate nature.

Minutia: a small or minor detail.

Annoy: cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations.

Delinquency: an antisocial misdeed in violation of the law by a minor.

Brush: a minor short-term fight.

Cappadocia: an ancient country is eastern Asia Minor.

Weakly: in a weak or feeble manner or to a minor degree.

Prelim: a minor match preceding the main event.

Blip: a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption.

Stickle: dispute or argue stubbornly (especially minor points).

Related Words

Old Testament : عہد نامہ قدیم , Prophet : رسول

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