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1. Abnormality, Abnormalcy : جسمانی معذوری : (Noun) An abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies.

Acephalia, Acephalism, Acephaly - absence of the head (as in the development of some monsters).

2. Abnormality, Irregularity : غیر فطری رویہ : (Noun) Behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality.

Misbehavior, Misbehaviour, Misdeed - improper or wicked or immoral behavior.

Abnormal, Unnatural - غیر معمولی - not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm; "abnormal powers of concentration".

Behavior, Behaviour, Conduct, Doings - چال چلن - manner of acting or controlling yourself; "His conduct is inappropriate".

Circumstance, Condition, Consideration - سوچنے کی بات - information that should be kept in mind when making a decision; "another consideration is the time it would take".

Custom, Usage, Usance - رسم - accepted or habitual practice.

Bad, Defective - خراب - not working properly; "a bad telephone connection".

Deficiency, Inadequacy, Insufficiency - قلت - lack of an adequate quantity or number; "the inadequacy of unemployment benefits".

Etiquette - تمیز - rules governing socially acceptable behavior; "Don`t you have etiquette ?".

Cistron, Factor, Gene - جین - (genetics) a segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain; it can include regions preceding and following the coding DNA as well as introns between the exons; it is considered a unit of heredity; "genes were formerly called factors".

Morality - اخلاقیات - concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct.

Forcible, Physical, Strong-Arm - طاقت ور - impelled by physical force especially against resistance; "forcible entry".

Convention, Formula, Normal, Pattern, Rule - روایت - something regarded as a normative example; "the convention of not naming the main character".

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