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1) Abramis Brama, European Bream : برما مچھلی : (noun) European freshwater fish having a flattened body and silvery scales; of little value as food.

Related : Genus Abramis : European fishes.

Useful Words

Abramis, Genus Abramis : یورپی مچھلیاں : European fishes.

Brama Raii, Pomfret : پاپلیٹ مچھلی : deep-bodied sooty-black pelagic spiny-finned fish of the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific; valued for food. "Pomfret is also fame in Pakistan".

Roach, Rutilus Rutilus : ایک قسم کی چمکدار مچھلی : European freshwater food fish having a greenish back.

Maiger, Maigre, Sciaena Aquila : ایک قسم کی مچھلی : large European marine food fish.

Common Mackerel, Scomber Scombrus, Shiner : اسقمری مچھلی : important food fish of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; its body is greenish-blue with dark bars and small if any scales.

Hirudo Medicinalis, Medicinal Leech : جونک کی قسم : large European freshwater leech formerly used for bloodletting. "Blood letting and the therapeutic use of Hirudo medicinalis date back to ancient Egypt".

Betula Pendula, Common Birch, European White Birch, Silver Birch : سفید چھال دار یورپی درخت : European birch with silvery white peeling bark and markedly drooping branches.

Hippocrepis Comosa, Horseshoe Vetch : پھول و پھلی دار پودا : European woody perennial with yellow umbellate flowers followed by flattened pods that separate into horseshoe-shaped joints.

Remora, Suckerfish, Sucking Fish : ایک قسم کی مچھلی : marine fishes with a flattened elongated body and a sucking disk on the head for attaching to large fish or moving objects.

Grass Pea, Indian Pea, Khesari, Lathyrus Sativus : ایک قسم کا مٹر : European annual grown for forage; seeds used for food in India and for stock elsewhere.

Earth-Nut Pea, Earthnut Pea, Heath Pea, Lathyrus Tuberosus, Tuberous Vetch : یورپی پودا : European herb bearing small tubers used for food and in Scotland to flavor whiskey.

Olive : زیتون کا پھل : small ovoid fruit of the European olive tree; important food and source of oil. "You are feeling so cold If you apply olive oil on your body, you will not feel cold".

Soup : شوربہ : liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food.

Fishpond : میٹھے پانی کا تالاب جس میں مچھلیاں ہوں : a freshwater pond with fish.

Carp : میٹھے پانی کی مچھلی : any of various freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae.

Characid, Characin, Characin Fish : میٹھے پانی کی مچھلی : any freshwater fish of the family Characinidae.

Tarpon, Tarpon Atlanticus : ترین مچھلی : large silvery game fish of warm Atlantic coastal waters especially off Florida.

Pike : کانٹا مچھلی : highly valued northern freshwater fish with lean flesh.

Billfish, Gar, Garfish, Garpike, Lepisosteus Osseus : شمالی امریکی کی مچھلی : primitive predaceous North American fish covered with hard scales and having long jaws with needlelike teeth.

Guppy, Lebistes Reticulatus, Rainbow Fish : ایک قسم کی چھوٹی رنگ برنگ مچھلی : small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies; often kept in aquariums.

Trout : ٹراوٹ مچھلی : flesh of any of several primarily freshwater game and food fishes.

Headfish, Mola, Ocean Sunfish, Sunfish : سمندری مچھلی : among the largest bony fish; pelagic fish having an oval compressed body with high dorsal fins and caudal fin reduced to a rudder-like lobe; worldwide in warm waters.

Athene Noctua, Little Owl : یورپی الو : small European owl. "Athene noctua image is here".

Dabchick, Little Grebe, Podiceps Ruficollis : چھوٹی یورپ کی مرغابی : small European grebe.

Horned Lizard, Horned Toad, Horny Frog : سینگ والی چھپکلی : insectivorous lizard with hornlike spines on the head and spiny scales on the body; of western North America.

Alliaria Officinalis, Garlic Mustard, Hedge Garlic, Jack-By-The-Hedge, Sauce-Alone : یورپی جڑی بوٹی : European herb that smells like garlic. "Hedge garlic is a biennial plant in the mustard family".

Person Of Color, Person Of Colour : غیر انگریز : (formal) any non-European non-white person. "He is a person of color".

Blackbird, European Blackbird, Merl, Merle, Ousel, Ouzel, Turdus Merula : کوئل نم پرندہ : common black European thrush.

Oder, Oder River : یورپی دریا : a European river; flows into the Baltic Sea.

Dunnock, Hedge Sparrow, Prunella Modularis, Sparrow : بلبل سا پرندہ : small brownish European songbird. "A pair of hedge sparrows".

Grass Vetch, Grass Vetchling, Lathyrus Nissolia : یورپی پودا : annual European vetch with red flowers.

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