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Abstrusely 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Urdu meaning of Abstrusely is مشکل سے, it can be written as Mushkil Se in Roman Urdu.

Abstrusely in Sentence

The professor\'s abstrusely reasoned theories were wasted on his students.

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Abstrusely in Detail

1. مشکل سے Mushkil Se : Abstrusely : (adverb) in a manner difficult to understand.

The professor's abstrusely reasoned theories were wasted on his students.

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Useful Words

Difficult Hard : کٹھن Kathan : not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure. "Its just difficult"

Manner Personal Manner : ڈھنگ Dhang : a way of acting or behaving. "They don`t have manners to speak ?"

Understand : سمجھنا Samajhna : know and comprehend the nature or meaning of. "How do I make you understand ?"

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