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ابو حفص المصری گروہ : Abu Hafas Almisri Giroh Meaning in English

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Abu Hafas Almisri Giroh in Detail

1) ابو حفص المصری گروہ : Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades : (noun) a terrorist group that has worked with Al Qaeda; claimed responsibility for attacks in Iraq and Turkey.

Related : Terrorist Act : the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.

Useful Words

ابو ندال تنظیم : Abu Nidal Organization, Ano, Arab Revolutionary Brigades, Black September, Fatah Revolutionary Council, Fatah-Rc, Revolutionary Organization Of Socialist Muslims : a Palestinian international terrorist organization that split from the PLO in 1974; has conducted terrorist attacks in 20 countries. "In the 1980s the Fatah-RC was considered the most dangerous and murderous Palestinian terror group".

شدت پسند گروہ : Aiai, Al Itihaad Al Islamiya, Al-Itihaad Al-Islamiya, Islamic Unity : a fundamentalist Islamic group in Somalia who initially did fundraising for al-Qaeda; responsible for ambushing United States Army Rangers and for terrorist bombings in Ethiopia; believed to have branches in several countries.

وینزویلا کا جنگجو : Andres Martinez, Carlos, Carlos The Jackal, Glen Gebhard, Hector Hevodidbon, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Ilich Sanchez, Michael Assat, Salim, Sanchez, Taurus : Venezuelan master terrorist raised by a Marxist-Leninist father; trained and worked with many terrorist groups (born in 1949).

یمن کا جنگجو گروہ : Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, Iaa, Islamic Army Of Aden, Islamic Army Of Aden-Abyan : Yemen-based terrorist group that supports al-Qaeda`s goals; seeks to overthrow the Yemeni government and eliminate United States interests; responsible for bombings and kidnappings and killing western tourists in Yemen.

آرمینی عسکری تنظیم : 3rd October Organization, Armenian Secret Army For The Liberation Of Armenia, Asala, Orly Group : a militant Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization formed in 1975 to force Turkey to acknowledge killing more than a million Armenians and forcibly removing them from border areas in 1915; wants Turkey to pay reparations and cede territory to Armenia. "ASALA bombing at Orly Airport in Paris in 1983 killed 8 and wounded 55 people".

اشتراکی انقلابی جماعت : 17 November, Revolutionary Organization 17 November : a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization in Greece that is violently opposed to imperialism and capitalism and NATO and the United States; an active terrorist group during the 1980s.

عراق کا دوسرا بڑا شہر : Basia, Basra : the second largest city in Iraq; an oil port in southern Iraq. "Bomb blast near Basra city".

خفیہ تنظیم : Maffia, Mafia, Sicilian Mafia : a secret terrorist group in Sicily; originally opposed tyranny but evolved into a criminal organization in the middle of the 19th century. "Sicilian mafia in Dubai".

ترکی کا دارالحکومت : Angora, Ankara, Capital Of Turkey, Turkish Capital : the capital of Turkey; located in west-central Turkey; it was formerly known as Angora and is the home of Angora goats. "He used to live in Ankara".

تحریک عدم اعتماد : No Confidence Motion : This is a statement or vote about a person in a position of responsibility wheather he or she is fit to hold that position or not, usually this vote is used against powerful people or group. "Imran Khan trying to abort no confidence motion in Pakistan".

دہشت گردی مخالف شخص : Counterterrorist : someone who attempts to prevent terrorism.

حیاتیاتی جنگ : Biological Terrorism, Bioterrorism : terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare. "They are spreading bioterrorism".

دہشت گردی مخالف : Counterterrorism : a strategy intended to prevent or counter terrorism.

عراقی باشندہ : Iraki, Iraqi : a native or inhabitant of Iraq. "The majority of Iraqi are Arab Shiite Muslims although Sunni Muslims control the government".

ضعیف گھوڑا : Hack, Jade, Nag, Plug : an old or over-worked horse.

پہلی بار استعمال ہونے والا : Virgin : being used or worked for the first time. "Virgin wool".

ہاتھ سے چلنے والا پہیہ : Handwheel : a wheel worked by hand.

عراق کا دار الحکومت بغداد : Bagdad, Baghdad, Capital Of Iraq : capital and largest city of Iraq; located on the Tigris River. "Baghdad blast".

جارح : Aggressor, Assailant, Assaulter, Attacker : someone who attacks. "Assailant of a crime".

مزرعہ : Croft : a small farm worked by a crofter.

جوہر : Bijou : a small and delicately worked piece.

آراستہ کرنا : Inwrought : having a decorative pattern worked or woven in. "An inwrought design".

دھات گر کی دکان : Forge, Smithy : a workplace where metal is worked by heating and hammering.

سریا : Structural Iron : iron that has been cast or worked in structural shapes.

عارضی : Probationary, Provisional, Provisionary, Tentative : under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon. "Probationary employees".

حساب رکھنے والا شخص : Timekeeper : a clerk who keeps track of the hours worked by employees.

احتساب : Accountability, Answerability, Answerableness : responsibility to someone or for some activity. "Accountability process in pakistan".

حملہ آور لٹیرا : Marauder, Piranha, Predator, Vulture : someone who attacks in search of booty.

عراق : Al-Iraq, Irak, Iraq, Republic Of Iraq : a republic in the Middle East in western Asia; the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was in the area now known as Iraq.

بلا قابو : Unaccountable : free from control or responsibility.

غلطی : Fault : responsibility for a bad situation or event. "It was John`s fault".

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