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1) Acaridae, Family Acaridae : جوں : (noun) mites.


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Genus Sarcoptes : سکیبیز پیدا کرنے والا اچمائیٹ , Acarina : قمل , Acariasis : جووں سے پیدا ہونے والی ایک جلدی بیماری , Acarus : جوں , Acaracide : جووں کو مارنے کی دوا , Acarophobia : کیڑے مکوڑوں کا خوف , Rickettsia : چھوٹے پلیومورفک جسمیے جو طفیلی ہوتے ہیں اور آرتھرو پوڈز کی گٹ کے خلیوں میں قدرتی طور پر رہتے ہیں بعض ممالیہ جانوروں اور آدمی میں امراض پیدا کرتے ہیں , Aegypiidae : گدھ , Honor Killing : غیرت کے نام پر قتل , Ailuropoda Melanoleuca : ایک قسم کا جانور , Abduction : اغواء , Adopt : گود لینا , Family Hirudinidae : جونک کی قسم , Family Holothuridae : سمندری کیڑے , Father : آبا و اجداد , Familial : خاندان سے متعلق , Unconnected : بے تعلق , Domestic : داخلی , Agamid : رنگین چھپکلی , Mallow : جنگلی پودا , Bitch : کتیا , Patronymic : جدی نام , Genus Limulus : ایک قسم کا کیکڑا , Laurel : سدا بہار پودا , Agamidae : رنگین چھپکلی , Genus Hirudo : جونک کی قسم , Familial : خاندانی , House Of Windsor : برطانوی شاہی خاندان , Paterfamilias : کسی خاندان کا مرد سربراہ , Materfamilias : سردار عورت , Characid : میٹھے پانی کی مچھلی

Useful Words Definitions

Genus Sarcoptes: type genus of the family Sarcoptidae: itch mites.

Acarina: mites and ticks.

Acariasis: infestation with itch mites.

Acarus: any of several mites of the order Acarina.

Acaracide: a chemical agent used to kill mites.

Acarophobia: a morbid fear of small insects and mites and worms.

Rickettsia: any of a group of very small rod-shaped bacteria that live in biting arthropods (as ticks and mites) and cause disease in vertebrate hosts; they cause typhus and other febrile diseases in human beings.

Aegypiidae: in some classifications considered the family comprising the Old World vultures which are more often included in the family Accipitridae.

Honor Killing: an ancient tradition still sometimes observed; a male member of the family kills a female relative for tarnishing the family image.

Ailuropoda Melanoleuca: large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet; in some classifications considered a member of the bear family or of a separate family Ailuropodidae.

Abduction: the criminal act of capturing and carrying away by force a family member; if a man`s wife is abducted it is a crime against the family relationship and against the wife.

Adopt: take into one's family.

Family Hirudinidae: a family of Hirudinea.

Family Holothuridae: a family of Holothuroidea.

Father: the founder of a family.

Familial: relating to or having the characteristics of a family.

Unconnected: not connected by birth or family.

Domestic: of or involving the home or family.

Agamid: a lizard of the family Agamidae.

Mallow: any of various plants of the family Malvaceae.

Bitch: female of any member of the dog family.

Patronymic: of or derived from a personal or family name.

Genus Limulus: type genus of the family Limulidae.

Laurel: any of various aromatic trees of the laurel family.

Agamidae: an Old World reptile family of Sauria.

Genus Hirudo: type genus of the family Hirudinidae.

Familial: occurring among members of a family usually by heredity.

House Of Windsor: the British royal family since 1917.

Paterfamilias: the male head of family or tribe.

Materfamilias: a female head of a family or tribe.

Characid: any freshwater fish of the family Characinidae.

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Acarid : جوں

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