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Access meaning in Urdu

Access Sentences

He gained access to the building.
He want to meet his Fiancee but he has no access in the girl`s house.

Access Synonyms


Access Definitions

1 of 8) Access, Accession, Admission, Admittance, Entree : داخلہ : (noun) the right to enter.

2 of 8) Access : کمپیوٹر ڈسک سے ڈیٹا لینا : (verb) obtain or retrieve from a storage device; as of information on a computer.

3 of 8) Access : رسائی : (noun) the right to obtain or make use of or take advantage of something (as services or membership).

4 of 8) Access, Get At : رسائی : (verb) reach or gain access to.

How does one access the attic in this house?

5 of 8) Access, Approach : راستہ, رستہ : (noun) a way of entering or leaving.

He took a wrong turn on the access to the bridge.

6 of 8) Access, Access Code : رسائی کا کوڈ : (noun) a code (a series of characters or digits) that must be entered in some way (typed or dialed or spoken) to get the use of something (a telephone line or a computer or a local area network etc.).

7 of 8) Access, Memory Access : میموری تک رسائی : (noun) (computer science) the operation of reading or writing stored information.

8 of 8) Access : رسائی : (noun) the act of approaching or entering.

Useful Words

Car Door : گاڑی کا دروازہ , Entrance : گزر گاہ , Afford : کھلنا , Open Door : آزادانہ داخلہ , Gatekeeper : چوکیدار , Address : پتے تک پہنچنا , Barricade : ناکہ لگانا , Escalader : سیڑھی لگا کر چڑھنے والا , Admit : داخل کرنا , Blockade : ناکہ بندی , Go : تک جانا , Bound : حد مقرر کرنا , Channel : رابطے کا ذریعہ , Air Lock : ہوا کا خانہ , Itinerary : راستہ , Restrict : بند کرنا , Closed : بند , Staircase : زینہ , Communication : رابطہ , Access Road : دو سڑکوں کو ملانے والی سڑک , Accession : تخت سنبھالنا , Airlift : ہوائی جہاز کے ذریعے لے جانا , Back Door : خفیہ طریقے سے , Court : وہ ہوٹل جہاں گاڑی کھڑی کرنے کی جگہ بھی ہوتی ہے , Manhole : مین ہول , Cave : غار , Dock : بندرگاہ , Accommodation Ladder : جہازوں کی مددگار سیڑھی , Knocker : کھٹکھٹانے والا , Accessional : انضمام سے متعلق , Admission : داخلے کی فیس

Useful Words Definitions

Car Door: A car door is an essential vehicle component designed to provide access to the interior of an automobile. It typically swings open and shut, allowing passengers to enter and exit the vehicle.

Entrance: something that provides access (to get in or get out).

Afford: afford access to.

Open Door: freedom of access.

Gatekeeper: someone who controls access to something.

Address: access or locate by address.

Barricade: prevent access to by barricading.

Escalader: someone who gains access by the use of ladders.

Admit: give access or entrance to.

Blockade: prevents access or progress.

Go: lead, extend, or afford access.

Bound: place limits on (extent or access).

Channel: (often plural) a means of communication or access.

Air Lock: a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressure.

Itinerary: an established line of travel or access.

Restrict: place under restrictions; limit access to.

Closed: not open or affording passage or access.

Staircase: a way of access (upward and downward) consisting of a set of steps.

Communication: a connection allowing access between persons or places.

Access Road: a short road giving access to an expressway.

Accession: the act of attaining or gaining access to a new office or right or position (especially the throne).

Airlift: transportation of people or goods by air (especially when other means of access are unavailable).

Back Door: a secret or underhand means of access (to a place or a position).

Court: a hotel for motorists; provides direct access from rooms to parking area.

Manhole: a hole (usually with a flush cover) through which a person can gain access to an underground structure.

Cave: a geological formation consisting of an underground enclosure with access from the surface of the ground or from the sea.

Dock: a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats.

Accommodation Ladder: (nautical) a portable ladder hung over the side of a vessel to give access to small boats alongside.

Knocker: a person who knocks (as seeking to gain admittance).

Accessional: of or constituting an accession.

Admission: the fee charged for admission.

Related Words

Approach : پاس آنا , Way : رستہ , Right : حق , Computer Science : کمپیوٹرکی سائنس , Code : پیغام کو خفیہ کرنے کا طریقہ , Arrive At : پہنچنا , Find : پھر سے حاصل کر لینا

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