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Account Payable meaning in Urdu

Account Payable Synonym

Account Payable Definitions

1) Account Payable, Payable : واجب الادا : (noun) a liability account showing how much is owed for goods and services purchased on credit.


Useful Words

Due : واجب الادا رقم , Balance : بقایا جات , Undue : جو واجب ادا نہ ہوں , Biannual : سال میں دو دفہ , Annual : سالانہ , Time Bill : ہنڈی جو مقررہ تاریخ تک واجب الادا ہو , Foreign Bill : غیر ملکی ہنڈی , Poll Tax : رائے دہی کے لیے لگایا جانے والا محصول , Blank Check : دستخط شدہ کورا چیک , Dividend Warrant : قسمہ نامہ , Money Order : منی آرڈر , Account : حساب کرنا , Because Of : وجہ سے , Relate : بیان کرنا , Debt : ادھار , Account : مراسلہ , Consider : خیال کرنا , Accountable : ذمہ دار , Recital : بیان , Apart : چھوڑ کر , Biographer : سوانح نگار , Memoir : سوانح , Account : وضاحت پیش کرنا , Anecdote : روایت , Narrate : کسی کہانی وغیرہ کی تفصیل سنانا , Document : کاغذات , Fable : جعلسازی , Canvas : کینوس , Narration : روداد , Funny : مزاحیہ , Double Entry : دہرا اندراج

Useful Words Definitions

Due: owed and payable immediately or on demand.

Balance: the difference between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account.

Undue: not yet payable.

Biannual: occurring or payable twice each year.

Annual: occurring or payable every year.

Time Bill: a draft payable at a specified future date.

Foreign Bill: a bill of exchange that is drawn in one country and made payable in another.

Poll Tax: a tax of a fixed amount per person and payable as a requirement for the right to vote.

Blank Check: a check that has been signed but with the amount payable left blank.

Dividend Warrant: an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid.

Money Order: a written order for the payment of a sum to a named individual; obtainable and payable at a post office.

Account: keep an account of.

Because Of: on account of.

Relate: give an account of.

Debt: money or goods or services owed by one person to another.

Account: a short account of the news.

Consider: show consideration for; take into account.

Accountable: liable to account for one`s actions.

Recital: a detailed account or description of something.

Apart: not taken into account or excluded from consideration.

Biographer: someone who writes an account of a person's life.

Memoir: an account of the author's personal experiences.

Account: to give an account or representation of in words.

Anecdote: short account of an incident (especially a biographical one).

Narrate: narrate or give a detailed account of.

Document: a written account of ownership or obligation.

Fable: a deliberately false or improbable account.

Canvas: The backdrop of a narrative or fictional account.

Narration: the act of giving an account describing incidents or a course of events.

Funny: an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line).

Double Entry: bookkeeper debits the transaction to one account and credits it to another.

Related Words

Financial Obligation : دوسری پارٹی کو رقم دینے کی ذمہ داری

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