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Accretive meaning in Urdu

Accretive Definitions

1) Accretive : مل کر بڑھنا : (satellite adjective) growing by accretion.


Useful Words

Accrete : اضافہ کرنا , Accretionary : مل کر بننا , Blueberry : توت , Ageing : بوڑھا , Epilithic : پتھر یا چٹان پر اگنے والا , Coalescent : ساتھ بڑھنے والا , Rank : تیزی سے نشو و نما پانے والا , Pedunculate : درخت کی شاخ کے سہارے والا , Ascending : اوپر اٹھتا ہوا , Herb Garden : جڑی بوٹیوں کا باغ , Ingrowing : اندر کی طرف بڑھنے والا , Subaquatic : زیری آب , Binate : دو حصوں میں بڑھنا , Juvenescence : بچپنے سے نوجوانی میں داخل ہونا , Assurgent : اوپر کو اٹھتا ہوا , Acidophilic : تیزابیت پسند جرثومہ , Aerial : ہوائی , Exuberant : بے انتہاء , Cosmopolitan : دنیا کے مختلف علاقوں میں ہونے والا , Wooded : درختوں سے بھرا ہوا , Seaweed : سمندری جھاڑ , Palmetto : ایک قسم کا تاڑ درخت , Aquatic : آبی , Bush : زیر ناف بال , Moribund : بے حرکت , Crop : پیداوار , Beard : ڈاڑھی , Cultivation : کاشت کاری , Agriculture : کاشتکار , Adventitious Root : غیر عمومی جڑ , Bandwagon : مقبول رجحان

Useful Words Definitions

Accrete: grow or become attached by accretion.

Accretionary: marked or produced by accretion.

Blueberry: sweet edible dark-blue berries of either low-growing or high-growing blueberry plants.

Ageing: growing old.

Epilithic: growing on stone.

Coalescent: growing together, fusing.

Rank: growing profusely.

Pedunculate: having or growing on or from a peduncle or stalk.

Ascending: moving or going or growing upward.

Herb Garden: a garden for growing herbs.

Ingrowing: growing abnormally into the flesh.

Subaquatic: growing or remaining under water.

Binate: growing in two parts or in pairs.

Juvenescence: the process of growing into a youth.

Assurgent: growing or extending upward.

Acidophilic: especially of some bacteria; growing well in an acid medium.

Aerial: existing or living or growing or operating in the air.

Exuberant: produced or growing in extreme abundance.

Cosmopolitan: growing or occurring in many parts of the world.

Wooded: covered with growing trees and bushes etc.

Seaweed: plant growing in the sea, especially marine algae.

Palmetto: any of several low-growing palms with fan-shaped leaves.

Aquatic: operating or living or growing in water.

Bush: hair growing in the pubic area.

Moribund: not growing or changing; without force or vitality.

Crop: the yield from plants in a single growing season.

Beard: the hair growing on the lower part of a man`s face.

Cultivation: the act of raising or growing plants (especially on a large scale).

Agriculture: the class of people engaged in growing food.

Adventitious Root: root growing in an unusual location e.g. from a stem.

Bandwagon: a popular trend that attracts growing support.

Related Words

Increasing : بڑھتا ہوا

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