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1) Acer Circinatum, Vine Maple : امریکی چھوٹا میپل درخت : (noun) small maple of northwestern North America having prostrate stems that root freely and form dense thickets.


Useful Words

Acer Saccharum : شکر میپل , Acer Glabrum : پہاڑی میپل , Acer Spicatum : پہاڑی میپل , Acer Macrophyllum : پانچ نوک والا میپل , Acer Pennsylvanicum : شمالی امریکی میپل , Maple : ایک قسم کا درخت یا جھاڑی , Acer Platanoides : ناروے کا میپل , Acer Rubrum : لال میپل , Abutilon : پودے جھاڑیاں وغیرہ , Crab Grass : جنگلی گھاس , Black Medick : یورپی جڑی بوٹی , Acer Saccharinum : چاندی میپل , Canada Moonseed : بزر القمر , Acer Campestre : یورپی پیپل , Berteroa Incana : سفید پھول والا پودا , Acer Negundo Californicum : پھل والا میپل , Amphicarpa Bracteata : جنگلی مونگ پھلی , Bullrush : لمبی جھاڑی , Rhus Typhina : مشرقی شمالی امریکا میں پایا جانے والا درخت جس کے پتے خزاں میں لال ہوجاتے ہیں , Genus Hieracium : گیندے جیسا پودا , Ak : امریکی ریاست الاسکا , America : ریاستہاۓ متحدہ امریکا , Sweet Potato : شکر قندی , Bay Lynx : امریکا کی پہاڑی بلی , Genus Hudsonia : شمالی امریکہ کی ایک سدا بہار جھڑ بوٹی , Rootlet : جڑ کا باریک سا حصہ , Brush Wolf : امریکن بھیڑیا , Auriparus Flaviceps : پیلے سر والی چڑیا , Kogia Breviceps : ایک قسم کی ویل مچھلی , Haematobia Irritans : خون چوسنے والی مکھی , Coney : ایک قسم کا خرگوش

Useful Words Definitions

Acer Saccharum: maple of eastern and central North America having three-lobed to five-lobed leaves and hard close-grained wood much used for cabinet work especially the curly-grained form; sap is chief source of maple syrup and maple sugar; many subspecies.

Acer Glabrum: small maple of northwestern North America.

Acer Spicatum: small shrubby maple of eastern North America; scarlet in autumn.

Acer Macrophyllum: maple of western North America having large 5-lobed leaves orange in autumn.

Acer Pennsylvanicum: maple of eastern North America with striped bark and large two-lobed leaves clear yellow in autumn.

Maple: wood of any of various maple trees; especially the hard close-grained wood of the sugar maple; used especially for furniture and flooring.

Acer Platanoides: a large Eurasian maple tree naturalized in North America; five-lobed leaves yellow in autumn; cultivated in many varieties.

Acer Rubrum: maple of eastern and central America; five-lobed leaves turn scarlet and yellow in autumn.

Abutilon: herbs or shrubs or small trees: flowering maple; Indian mallow.

Crab Grass: grasses with creeping stems that root freely; a pest in lawns.

Black Medick: prostrate European herb with small yellow flowers and curved black pods; naturalized in North America.

Acer Saccharinum: a common North American maple tree; five-lobed leaves are light green above and silvery white beneath; source of hard close-grained but brittle light-brown wood.

Canada Moonseed: a woody vine of eastern North America having large oval leaves and small white flowers and purple to blue-black fruits.

Acer Campestre: shrubby Eurasian maple often used as a hedge.

Berteroa Incana: tall European annual with downy grey-green foliage and dense heads of small white flowers followed by hairy pods; naturalized in North America; sometimes a troublesome weed.

Acer Negundo Californicum: maple of the Pacific coast of the United States; fruits are white when mature.

Amphicarpa Bracteata: vine widely distributed in eastern North America producing racemes of purple to maroon flowers and abundant (usually subterranean) edible one-seeded pods resembling peanuts.

Bullrush: tall rush with soft erect or arching stems found in Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and common in North America.

Rhus Typhina: deciduous shrubby tree or eastern North America with compound leaves that turn brilliant red in fall and dense panicles of greenish yellow flowers followed by crimson acidic berries.

Genus Hieracium: large genus of perennial hairy herbs of Europe to western Asia to northwestern Africa and North America; few are ornamental; often considered congeneric with Pilosella.

Ak: a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union.

America: North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776.

Sweet Potato: the edible tuberous root of the sweet potato vine which is grown widely in warm regions of the United States.

Bay Lynx: small lynx of North America.

Genus Hudsonia: small evergreen subshrubs of North America.

Rootlet: small root or division of a root.

Brush Wolf: small wolf native to western North America.

Auriparus Flaviceps: very small yellow-headed titmouse of western North America.

Kogia Breviceps: small sperm whale of warm waters of both coasts of North America.

Haematobia Irritans: small black European fly introduced into North America; sucks blood from cattle especially at the base of the horn.

Coney: small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America.

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