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Aconitum meaning in Urdu

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Aconitum Definitions

1) Aconitum, Genus Aconitum : زہریلے پودے : (noun) genus of poisonous plants of temperate regions of northern hemisphere with a vaulted and enlarged petal.


Useful Words

Aconite : زہریلا پودا , Hawk's-Beard : کریپس پودا , Hepatica : جگر جیسا پودا , Genus Hedysarum : ہڈی سارم جری بوٹی , Hawkbit : یورایشیائی جنگلی پودا , Cypress : صنوبری درخت , Gum Plant : رال بوٹی , Genus Hordeum : جو کی جھاڑی , Shumac : شجرالسماق , Cinquefoil : پنج پتیا , Althaea : چھوٹے پھولوں والا پودا , Hawk Owl : باز جیسا الو , Scooter : بڑی کالی بطخ , Mint : پودینہ , Cassia Alata : گرم خطےکی ایک جھاڑی یا پودا پیلے پھولوں والا , Hawkweed : سورج مکھی جیسا پودا , Milk Vetch : دودھ بڑھانے والا پودا , Milkwort : جنس شیر زا کی کوئی بھی جھاڑی , Chickweed : خود رو پودوں کی مختلف اقسام , Mustard : سرسوں کا پودا , Aeonium : سبز گلاب , Citrous : کھٹ مٹھے پھلوں سے متعلق , Common Duckweed : پانی پر تیرنے والی بیل , Sage : ایک قسم کا پودا , African Daisy : افریقی پھول دار پودے , Aframomum : افریقی نسل کا پودہ , Avena Sativa : بڑے پیمانے پے کاشت ہونے والا ٹھنڈے علاقے کا بیج یا اناج , Capsicum : مرچ کا پودہ , Actinomeris : پھولدار پودے , Sneezeweed : ایک پودا جس سے چھینک آتی ہے , Camas : شمالی اور جنوبی امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا پودا

Useful Words Definitions

Aconite: any of various usually poisonous plants of the genus Aconitum having tuberous roots and palmately lobed leaves and blue or white flowers.

Hawk's-Beard: any of various plants of the genus Crepis having loose heads of yellow flowers on top of a long branched leafy stem; northern hemisphere.

Hepatica: any of several plants of the genus Hepatica having three-lobed leaves and white or pinkish flowers in early spring; of moist and mossy subalpine woodland areas of north temperate regions.

Genus Hedysarum: genus of herbs of north temperate regions.

Hawkbit: any of various common wildflowers of the genus Leontodon; of temperate Eurasia to Mediterranean regions.

Cypress: any of numerous evergreen conifers of the genus Cupressus of north temperate regions having dark scalelike leaves and rounded cones.

Gum Plant: any of various western American plants of the genus Grindelia having resinous leaves and stems formerly used medicinally; often poisonous to livestock.

Genus Hordeum: annual to perennial grasses of temperate northern hemisphere and South America: barley.

Shumac: a shrub or tree of the genus Rhus (usually limited to the non-poisonous members of the genus).

Cinquefoil: any of a numerous plants grown for their five-petaled flowers; abundant in temperate regions; alleged to have medicinal properties.

Althaea: any of various plants of the genus Althaea; similar to but having smaller flowers than genus Alcea.

Hawk Owl: grey-and-white diurnal hawk-like owl of northern parts of the northern hemisphere.

Scooter: large black diving duck of northern parts of the northern hemisphere.

Mint: any north temperate plant of the genus Mentha with aromatic leaves and small mauve flowers.

Cassia Alata: tropical shrub (especially of Americas) having yellow flowers and large leaves whose juice is used as a cure for ringworm and poisonous bites; sometimes placed in genus Cassia.

Hawkweed: any of various plants of the genus Pilosella.

Milk Vetch: any of various plants of the genus Astragalus.

Milkwort: any of various plants of the genus Polygala.

Chickweed: any of various plants of the genus Stellaria.

Mustard: any of several cruciferous plants of the genus Brassica.

Aeonium: a genus of plants of the family Crassulaceae.

Citrous: of or relating to plants of the genus Citrus.

Common Duckweed: of temperate regions except eastern Asia and Australia.

Sage: any of various plants of the genus Salvia; a cosmopolitan herb.

African Daisy: any of several plants of the genus Arctotis having daisylike flowers.

Aframomum: an African genus of plants of the family Zingiberaceae.

Avena Sativa: widely cultivated in temperate regions for its edible grains.

Capsicum: any of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers.

Actinomeris: used in some classification systems for plants now included in genus Verbesina.

Sneezeweed: any of various plants of the genus Helenium characteristically causing sneezing.

Camas: any of several plants of the genus Camassia; North and South America.

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