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Acrobat meaning in Urdu

Acrobat Sentence

An street acrobat.

Acrobat Definitions

1) Acrobat : شعبدے باز, کرتب دکھانے والا, شعبدہ : (noun) an athlete who performs acts requiring skill and agility and coordination.


Useful Words

Aerialist : ہوائی قلاباز , Funambulist : کرتب دکھانے والا , Ropedancer : رسن باز , Acrobatics : شعبدہ بازی , Acrobatic Feat : شعبدہ , Contortionist : وہ شخص جو اپنے جسم کو غیر معمولی طور پر موڑسکے , Balancer : توازن برقرار رکھنے والا , Skilled : ماہر , Unskilled : اناڑی , Adagio : دھیما رقص , Salesmanship : سودا فروشی , Effortless : بنا کسی دقت کے , Tarzan : طاقت ور غیر معمولی شخص , Align : برابر کرنا , Paralysis Agitans : رعشہ کی بیماری , Amateur : شوقیہ کھلاڑی , Basketball Player : باسکٹ بال کا کھلاڑی , Ballplayer : بیس بال کا کھلاڑی , Sharpshooter : پکا نشانے باز , Lifter : وزن اٹھانے والا , Hockey Player : ہاکی کا کھلاڑی , Cricketer : کرکٹ کا کھلاڑی , Gymnast : جمناسٹک کا ماہر , Olympian : اولمپک میں حصہ لینے والا , Coach : کھیل سکھانے والا , Swimmer : تیراک , Letterman : اسکول کے کھیلوں میں انعام یا سند پانے والا , Semipro : تنخواہ پر کچھ وقت کھیلنے والا کھلاڑی , Rapper : ریپ موسیقی بجانے والا , Accommodator : معاہدہ یا پابندی کرنے والا , Soloist : سولو بجانے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Aerialist: an acrobat who performs in the air (as on a rope or trapeze).

Funambulist: an acrobat who performs on a tightrope or slack rope.

Ropedancer: an acrobat who performs on a rope stretched at some height above the ground.

Acrobatics: the gymnastic moves of an acrobat.

Acrobatic Feat: a stunt performed by an acrobat.

Contortionist: an acrobat able to twist into unusual positions.

Balancer: an acrobat who balances himself in difficult positions.

Skilled: having or showing or requiring special skill.

Unskilled: not having or showing or requiring special skill or proficiency.

Adagio: a slow section of a pas de deux requiring great skill and strength by the dancers.

Salesmanship: skill in selling; skill in persuading people to buy.

Effortless: requiring or apparently requiring no effort.

Tarzan: (sometimes used ironically) a man of great strength and agility (after the hero of a series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs).

Align: bring (components or parts) into proper or desirable coordination correlation.

Paralysis Agitans: a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination.

Amateur: an athlete who does not play for pay.

Basketball Player: an athlete who plays basketball.

Ballplayer: an athlete who plays baseball.

Sharpshooter: an athlete noted for accurate aim.

Lifter: an athlete who lifts barbells.

Hockey Player: an athlete who plays hockey.

Cricketer: an athlete who plays cricket.

Gymnast: an athlete who is skilled in gymnastics.

Olympian: an athlete who participates in the Olympic games.

Coach: (sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team.

Swimmer: a trained athlete who participates in swimming meets.

Letterman: an athlete who has earned a letter in a school sport.

Semipro: an athlete who plays for pay on a part-time basis.

Rapper: someone who performs rap music.

Accommodator: someone who performs a service or does a favor.

Soloist: a musician who performs a solo.

Related Words

Athlete : کھلاڑی