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1) Sardi Se Haath Paaon Ka Neela Par Jana سردی سے ہاتھ پاوں کا نیلا پڑ جانا : Raynaud's Sign Acrocyanosis : (noun) cyanosis of the extremities; can occur when a spasm of the blood vessels is caused by exposure to cold or by strong emotion.

Related : Cyanosis : a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes; a sign that oxygen in the blood is dangerously diminished (as in carbon monoxide poisoning).

Useful Words

Blood : Khoon خون : the fluid (red in vertebrates) that is pumped through the body by the heart and contains plasma, blood cells, and platelets. "The blood came out"

Can Tin Tin Can : Kin کین : airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc..

Cold Coldness Frigidity Frigidness Low Temperature : Sardi سردی : the absence of heat. "It`s getting cold, isn`t it?"

Emotion : Jazbat جذبات : any strong feeling. "I respect your emotions"

Exposure : Inkishaf انکشاف : the disclosure of something secret. "They feared exposure of their campaign plans"

Appendage Extremity Member : Paaon پاوں : an external body part that projects from the body. "It is important to keep the extremities warm"

Come About Fall Out Go On Hap Happen Occur Pass Pass Off Take Place : Ronuma Hona رونما ہونا : come to pass. "It has happened as feared"

Cramp Muscle Spasm Spasm : Patha Chrh Jana پٹھہ چڑھ جانا : a painful and involuntary muscular contraction. "While doing bodybuilding, Saleem weighed more and his leg got cramped"

Strong : Twana توانا : having strength or power greater than average or expected. "He is very strong emotionally, he is not afraid of small problems"

Vas Vessel : Nali نالی : a tube in which a body fluid circulates.

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