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Actress meaning in Urdu

Actress Definitions

1) Actress : عورت فنکار, اداکارہ : (noun) a female actor.


Useful Words

Mimic : نقل اتارنے والا , Screen Test : فلم میں اداکاری کے لئے اداکاروں کا امتحان , Leading Lady : بڑا مرکزی زنانہ کردار ادا کرنے والی اداکارہ , Tragedienne : المیہ اداکارہ , Natalie Wood : امریکی فلم اداکارہ , Starlet : نئی ابھرتی ھوئی نوخیز اداکارہ , Black : بچہ اداکار , Hayes : امریکی اداکارہ , Sarah Kemble Siddons : برطانوی اداکارہ , Glenda Jackson : انگریزی فلمی اداکار , Ingenue : کسی ڈرامے میں کوئی لڑکی ایک معصوم لڑکی کا کردار پیش کرے , Comedienne : مزاحیہ اداکار عورت , Matriarchate : مادر سرانہ نظام , Diva : عظیم خاتون گاہک , Hind : ہرنی , Comedian : مزاحیہ اداکار , Character : کردار , Actor's Agent : اداکار کا ساتھی , Actor's Assistant : اداکار کی الماری , Fluff : غلطی , Tragedian : غمگین کردار ادا کرنے والا اداکار , Movie Actor : فلم میں کردار ادا کرنے والا فنکار , Lead : اہم ترین کردار ادا کرنے والا , Mime : خاموش اداکار , Leading Man : بڑا مرکزی مردانہ کردار ادا کرنے والا اداکار , Malpractice : ناجائز فعل , Standby : قائم مقامی کی تربیت لینا , Howard : انگریز اداکار , Allen : امریکی فلم ساز , Active : جاری رہنے والا , Heming : امریکی اداکار

Useful Words Definitions

Mimic: someone who mimics (especially an actor or actress).

Screen Test: a filmed audition of an actor or actress.

Leading Lady: actress who plays the leading female role.

Tragedienne: an actress who specializes in tragic roles.

Natalie Wood: United States film actress (1938-1981).

Starlet: a young (film) actress who is publicized as a future star.

Black: popular child actress of the 1930`s (born in 1928).

Hayes: acclaimed actress of stage and screen (1900-1993).

Sarah Kemble Siddons: English actress noted for her performances in Shakespearean roles (1755-1831).

Glenda Jackson: English film actress who later became a member of British Parliament (born in 1936).

Ingenue: an actress who specializes in playing the role of an artless innocent young girl.

Comedienne: a female actor in a comedy.

Matriarchate: a form of social organization in which a female is the family head and title is traced through the female line.

Diva: a distinguished female operatic singer; a female operatic star.

Hind: a female deer, especially an adult female red deer.

Comedian: an actor in a comedy.

Character: an actor`s portrayal of someone in a play.

Actor's Agent: a business agent for an actor.

Actor's Assistant: a wardrobe assistant for an actor.

Fluff: a blunder (especially an actor's forgetting the lines).

Tragedian: an actor who specializes in tragic roles.

Movie Actor: an actor who plays a role in a film.

Lead: an actor who plays a principal role.

Mime: an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression.

Leading Man: actor who plays the leading male role.

Malpractice: a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do; improper professional conduct.

Standby: an actor able to replace a regular performer when required.

Howard: English actor of stage and screen (1893-1943).

Allen: United States filmmaker and comic actor (1935-).

Active: expressing that the subject of the sentence has the semantic function of actor:.

Heming: English actor who edited the first folio of Shakespeare`s plays (1556-1630).

Related Words

Actor : تھیٹر فنکار

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