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Adeptness meaning in Urdu

Adeptness Sentence

His quick adeptness was a product of good design.

Adeptness Synonyms

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Adeptness in Detail

1) Adeptness, Adroitness, Deftness, Facility, Quickness : پھرتی, تیزی, ترنت : (noun) skillful performance or ability without difficulty.

Related : Sleight : adroitness in using the hands.

Useful Words

Dexterity, Manual Dexterity, Sleight : چابکدستی : adroitness in using the hands.

Repartee : حاضر جوابی : adroitness and cleverness in reply.

Adroitly : مہارت سے : with adroitness; in an adroit manner. "He handled the situation adroitly".

Deftly, Dexterously, Dextrously : ہوشیاری سے : with dexterity; in a dexterous manner. "Dextrously he untied the knots".

Prestidigitation, Sleight Of Hand : ہاتھ کا کرتب : manual dexterity in the execution of tricks.

Juggler : تماشہ دکھانے والا : a performer who juggles objects and performs tricks of manual dexterity.

Inability : ناقابلیت : lack of ability (especially mental ability) to do something.

Practiced, Practised : ماہر : skillful after much practice.

Handy : ماہر : skillful with the hands. "Handy with an axe".

Ambidextrous, Two-Handed : دو ہتھیا : equally skillful with each hand. "An ambidextrous surgeon".

Outmaneuver, Outmanoeuvre, Outsmart : ماہرانا حکمت عملی سے شکست دینا : defeat by more skillful maneuvering. "The English troops outmaneuvered the Germans in war".

Demon : ماہر : someone extremely diligent or skillful. "He worked like a demon to finish the job on time".

Deft, Dexterous, Dextrous : ماہر : skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands. "A deft waiter".

Delicacy, Diplomacy, Discreetness, Finesse : مہارت : subtly skillful handling of a situation.

Coordination : ربط : the skillful and effective interaction of movements.

Adroit : ماہر : quick or skillful or adept in action or thought. "An exceptionally adroit pianist".

Natatorium, Swimming Bath, Swimming Pool : سوئمنگ پول : pool that provides a facility for swimming. "`swimming bath' is a British term".

Haute Cuisine : کھانا پکانے کا طریقہ : (French) an elaborate and skillful manner of preparing food. "She is well versed in haute cuisine".

Metalwork, Metalworking : دھات کا کام : the activity of making things out of metal in a skillful manner.

Betterment : بہبود : an improvement that adds to the value of a property or facility.

Clinic : شفاخانہ : a healthcare facility for outpatient care. "There are very few clinics in this area".

Arboretum, Botanical Garden : شجر گاہ : a facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition. "I found that tree in botanical garden".

Menagerie, Zoo, Zoological Garden : چڑیا گھر : the facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition.

Deposit, Depositary, Depository, Repository : گودام : a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping.

Assembly, Forum, Meeting Place : بحث مباحثے کی جگہ : a public facility to meet for open discussion.

Hospital, Infirmary : ہسپتال : a health facility where patients receive treatment.

Station : جگہ : a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose. "He started looking for a gas station".

Gym, Gymnasium : جمنازیم : athletic facility equipped for sports or physical training.

Transit, Transportation, Transportation System : گزر گاہ : a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods. "Transportation through water".

Communication Equipment, Communication System : پیغام پھیلانے کا نظام : facility consisting of the physical plants and equipment for disseminating information.

Lido : بغیر چھت کا تالاب : a recreational facility including a swimming pool for water sports.

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