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Admission Day meaning in Urdu

Admission Day Definitions

1) Admission Day : یوم الحاق : (noun) in some states of the United States: a legal holiday commemorating the day the state was admitted to the Union.


Useful Words

Fourth Of July : یوم آزادی , Ak : امریکی ریاست الاسکا , Ar : ارکانساس امریکی ریاست , Al : امریکی ریاست الاابامہ , La : پیلیکن امریکہ کے جنوب میں واقع امریکی ریاست , Everglade State : امریکی ریاست , Admission : داخلے کی فیس , Confession : اعتراف , Admissive : اعترافی , Matric : کالج یا جامعہ میں داخلہ , Box Office : سینما میں ٹکٹ لینے کی جگہ , Academic Requirement : تعلیمی اہلیت , Channukah : یہودیوں کا کا تہوار جو آٹھ دن رہتا ہے , Higginson : امریکی جنگجو مصنف , Applicant : امید وار , Grant : سابق امریکی صدر , Application : درخواست , Postulant : امیدوار , Ca : کیلیفونیا , Bluegrass State : کینٹوکی , Abraham Lincoln : ابراہیم لنکن , Hoffa : امریکی مزدور رہنما , Advice And Consent : آئینی اختیار , Hoosier State : امریکی ریاست انڈیانا , Hawkeye State : امریکی ریاست آئیوا , Battle Born State : امریکی ریاست , Cooke : امریکی سرمایہ کار , Afspc : امریکی فضائی کمان , Lieutenant Jg : نچلے درجے کا لیفٹیننٹ , David Rittenhouse : امریکی ماہر فلکیات , Arthur Ashe : ٹینس کا کھلاڑی ایش

Useful Words Definitions

Fourth Of July: a legal holiday in the United States.

Ak: a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union.

Ar: a state in south central United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Al: a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

La: a state in southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Everglade State: a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Admission: the fee charged for admission.

Confession: an admission of misdeeds or faults.

Admissive: characterized by or allowing admission.

Matric: admission to a group (especially a college or university).

Box Office: the office where tickets of admission are sold.

Academic Requirement: a requirement for admission to or completion of an academic program.

Channukah: (Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC.

Higginson: United States writer and soldier who led the first Black regiment in the Union Army (1823-1911).

Applicant: a person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission.

Grant: 18th President of the United States; commander of the Union armies in the American Civil War (1822-1885).

Application: a verbal or written request for assistance or employment or admission to a school.

Postulant: one submitting a request or application especially one seeking admission into a religious order.

Ca: a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes.

Bluegrass State: a state in east central United States; a border state during the American Civil War; famous for breeding race horses.

Abraham Lincoln: 16th President of the United States; saved the Union during the American Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865).

Hoffa: United States labor leader who was president of the Teamsters Union; he was jailed for trying to bribe a judge and later disappeared and is assumed to have been murdered (1913-1975).

Advice And Consent: a legal expression in the United States Constitution that allows the Senate to constrain the President`s powers of appointment and treaty-making.

Hoosier State: a state in midwestern United States.

Hawkeye State: a state in midwestern United States.

Battle Born State: a state in the southwestern United States.

Cooke: United States financier who marketed Union bonds to finance the American Civil War; the failure of his bank resulted in a financial panic in 1873 (1821-1905).

Afspc: a command of the United States Air Force that is responsible for defending the United States through its space and intercontinental ballistic missile operations.

Lieutenant Jg: an officer holding a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or United States Coast Guard; below lieutenant and above ensign.

David Rittenhouse: United States astronomer said to have built the first telescope made in America; also the first director of the United States Mint (1732-1796).

Arthur Ashe: United States tennis player who was the first Black to win United States and English singles championships (1943-1993).

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Day : یوم

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