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Admittedly meaning in Urdu

Admittedly Synonyms


Admittedly Definitions

1) Admittedly, Avowedly, Confessedly, True : بالکل, واقعی : (adverb) as acknowledged.

Useful Words

No Doubt : یقیناً , Unappreciated : غیر اہم , Acknowledgeable : قابل تسلیم , Stardom : فلمی ستارے کا منصب , Acknowledgement : تسلیم کرنے کا عمل , Unreal : خیالی , Believe : یقین کرنا , Verified : تصدیق شدہ , Beguiler : دھوکے باز , Likely : ممکنہ , Heteroptera : کیڑے , Buy : درست ماننا , Abies : پلودر کا درخت , Wishful Thinking : خیالی پلاو , Assert : توثیق کرنا , Accuracy : درستگی , Accept : تسلیم کرنا , Acceptation : قبولیت , Incontestable : ناقابل تردید , Hold : موثر ہونا , Claim : دعوی , Believer : یقین رکھنے والا , Improbable : جسکا امکان نہ ہو , False Lover : جھوٹا عاشق , Living : حقیقت نما , Verisimilar : بظاہر صحیح , Receive : قبول کرنا , See Through : بھانپ لینا , Denial : انکار , Untrue : جہوٹا , Underestimate : کم اندازہ لگانا

Useful Words Definitions

No Doubt: admittedly.

Unappreciated: having value that is not acknowledged.

Acknowledgeable: capable of being acknowledged.

Stardom: the status of being acknowledged as a star.

Acknowledgement: the state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged.

Unreal: lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria.

Believe: accept as true; take to be true.

Verified: proved to be true.

Beguiler: someone who leads you to believe something that is not true.

Likely: likely but not certain to be or become true or real.

Heteroptera: true bugs.

Buy: accept as true.

Abies: true firs.

Wishful Thinking: the illusion that what you wish for is actually true.

Assert: assert to be true.

Accuracy: the quality of being near to the true value.

Accept: consider or hold as true.

Acceptation: acceptance as true or valid.

Incontestable: not open to question; obviously true.

Hold: be valid, applicable, or true.

Claim: an assertion that something is true or factual.

Believer: a supporter who accepts something as true.

Improbable: not likely to be true or to occur or to have occurred.

False Lover: a person who is not true in love.

Living: true to life; lifelike.

Verisimilar: appearing to be true or real.

Receive: accept as true or valid.

See Through: perceive the true nature of.

Denial: the act of asserting that something alleged is not true.

Untrue: not true to an obligation or trust.

Underestimate: an estimation that is too low; an estimate that is less than the true or actual value.

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