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Advanced meaning in Urdu

Advanced Sentences

Advanced societies.
A man of advanced age.

Advanced Synonyms


Advanced Definitions

1 of 8) Advanced : بڑا, بڑی : (satellite adjective) farther along in physical or mental development.

The child`s skeletal age was classified as `advanced`.
Children in the advanced classes in elementary school read far above grade average.

2 of 8) Advanced : آگے کی, آگے کا : (satellite adjective) comparatively late in a course of development.

The illness had reached an advanced stage.
An advanced state of exhaustion.

3 of 8) Advanced, Forward-Looking, Innovative, Modern : قبل از وقت : (satellite adjective) ahead of the times.

The advanced teaching methods.
Had advanced views on the subject.

4 of 8) Advanced : اعلی : (satellite adjective) at a higher level in training or knowledge or skill.

An advanced degree.
An advanced text in physics.+ More

5 of 8) Advanced, Sophisticated : اعلی, جدید : (satellite adjective) ahead in development; complex or intricate.

Advanced technology.

6 of 8) Advanced, Ripe : بڑی عمر کا : (satellite adjective) far along in time.

Advanced in years.

7 of 8) Advanced : جدید : (satellite adjective) (of societies) highly developed especially in technology or industry.

An advanced country technologically.

8 of 8) Advanced, Advance, In Advance : آگے کی : (satellite adjective) situated ahead or going before.

At that time the most advanced outpost was still east of the Rockies.

Useful Words

Ahead : آگے کرنا , High Tech : اعلی ٹیکنالوجی , Civilisation : تمدن , Advanced Research And Development Activity : اعلی تحقیق کا ادارہ , Develop : جدید رنگ میں رنگنا , Beldam : بڑھیا , Big : حاملہ , Higher : اعلی پائے کا , Ahead : آگے , Scientist : سائنس دان , Regressive : رجعت پسند , Aged : بوڑھا , Argument : بحث , Aged : بوسیدہ , Propaedeutic : ابتدائی علوم و مضامین , Hi-Tech : اعلی ٹیکنالوجی والا , Community Of Scholars : علماء کی جماعت , Farther : مزید , Automation : خود کار سازی , Homo Habilis : انسان جیسی ناپید مخلوق , Houseman : طبی تجربہ حاصل کرنے والا , Late : دیر , Development : تشکیل , Unable : معذور , Innocuous : غیر مضر , Relaxing : آرام سے بھرپور , Noxious : جسمانی اور دماغی صحت کے لئے مہلک , Hurt : اذیت , Feel : محسوس کرنا , Restless : بے آرام , Effort : مشقت

Useful Words Definitions

Ahead: to a different or a more advanced time (meaning advanced either toward the present or toward the future).

High Tech: highly advanced technological development (especially in electronics).

Civilisation: a society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal and political and religious organizations).

Advanced Research And Development Activity: an agency of the Intelligence Community that conducts advanced research and development related to information technology.

Develop: become technologically advanced.

Beldam: a woman of advanced age.

Big: in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

Higher: advanced in complexity or elaboration.

Ahead: to a more advanced or advantageous position.

Scientist: a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences.

Regressive: opposing progress; returning to a former less advanced state.

Aged: advanced in years; (`aged` is pronounced as two syllables).

Argument: a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal.

Aged: at an advanced stage of erosion (pronounced as one syllable).

Propaedeutic: a course that provides an introduction to an art or science (or to more advanced study generally).

Hi-Tech: resembling or making use of highly advanced technology or devices.

Community Of Scholars: the body of individuals holding advanced academic degrees.

Farther: to or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage (`further' is used more often than `farther' in this abstract sense).

Automation: the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology; usually involving electronic hardware.

Homo Habilis: extinct species of upright East African hominid having some advanced humanlike characteristics.

Houseman: an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience (`houseman` is a British term).

Late: being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time.

Development: a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage).

Unable: (usually followed by `to') lacking necessary physical or mental ability.

Innocuous: not injurious to physical or mental health.

Relaxing: affording physical or mental rest.

Noxious: injurious to physical or mental health.

Hurt: feelings of mental or physical pain.

Feel: be conscious of a physical, mental, or emotional state.

Restless: lacking or not affording physical or mental rest.

Effort: use of physical or mental energy; hard work.

Related Words

Civilised : مہذب , High : بہت , Precocious : وقت سے پہلے ذہنی اعتبار سے بالغ ہو جانے والا , Progressive : ترقی یافتہ

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