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1 of 3) Adventure, Dangerous Undertaking, Escapade, Risky Venture : مہم جوئی : (noun) a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful).

It was a great adventure.

Related : Undertaking : any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted.


2 of 3) Adventure, Chance, Gamble, Hazard, Risk, Run A Risk, Take A Chance, Take Chances : فائدے کے لئے خطرہ مول لینا, جوکھ لینا, جوا کھیلنا : (verb) take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome.

Related : Try : make an effort or attempt.

3 of 3) Adventure, Hazard, Jeopardize, Stake, Venture : داو پر لگانا : (verb) put at risk.

Related : Risk : expose to a chance of loss or damage.

Useful Words

Adventure Story, Heroic Tale : بہادری کا قصہ : a story of an adventure. "I`m sick of his heroic tales".

Crapshoot : جوکھ بھرا : a risky and uncertain venture. "Getting admitted to the college of your choice has become a crapshoot".

Breeze, Child's Play, Cinch, Duck Soup, Picnic, Piece Of Cake, Pushover, Snap, Walkover : بہت آسان کام : any undertaking that is easy to do. "It`s a piece of cake".

Project, Projection : منصوبہ : a planned undertaking.

Endurance Contest, Marathon : لمبی دوڑ : any long and arduous undertaking.

Direct, Engineer, Mastermind, Orchestrate, Organise, Organize : منصوبہ بندی کرنا : plan and direct (a complex undertaking). "He masterminded the robbery".

Bigwig, Kingpin, Top Banana : سرغنہ : the most important person in a group or undertaking. "He is the kingpin of the gang".

Venture : جوکھم : any venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome. "Venture of faith".

Equipment : سازوسامان : an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service. "The mechanic told his laborer that the refrigerator is out of order, so he ran and fetched the equipment from the shop".

Endeavor, Endeavour, Enterprise : جدوجہد : a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness). "I should endeavour to stay on top".

Spadework : بنیادی کام : dull or routine preliminary work preparing for an undertaking.

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