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Aedes Albopictus meaning in Urdu

Aedes Albopictus Synonym

Aedes Albopictus Definitions

1) Aedes Albopictus, Asian Tiger Mosquito : جاپانی مچھر : (noun) striped native of Japan thriving in southwestern and midwestern United States and spreading to the Caribbean; potential carrier of serious diseases.


Useful Words

Hawkeye State : امریکی ریاست آئیوا , Hoosier State : امریکی ریاست انڈیانا , Il : امریکی ریاست , Honey Mesquite : پھلی دار امریکی درخت , Buckeye State : اوہایو امریکی ریاست , Chicago : امریکہ کا شہر شکاگو , Hideyo Noguchi : نوگوچی ماہر جرثومیات , Battle Born State : امریکی ریاست , Prairie Coneflower : جنوب مغربی امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا کون پھول , Soap Tree : درخت نما لمبا ایک امریکی پودا , Hooded Skunk : امریکا کا جنوبی حصہ , Kansas : امریکی ریاست , Asclepias Subverticillata : دودھیا جھاڑی , American : امریکی باشندہ , Billion-Dollar Grass : باجرے کا پودا , Longhorn : لمبے سینگوں والا , Genus Holbrookia : بہری چپکلی , Lone-Star State : ٹیکسس , Acanthocereus Pentagonus : ناگ پھنی , Hegari : چارے کا پودا , Colaptes Chrysoides : لال گردن والی امریکی چڑیا , Prosopis Pubescens : جنوب مغربی امریکہ میں پائی جانے والی پھلی دار جھاڑی اور چھوٹے درخت , Muscadine : انگور کی بیل , Japanese : جاپان کا باشندہ , Azerbaijan : آذربائیجان , Crotalus Cerastes : ریت کا سانپ , Coville : صحرائی جھاڑی , Black-Necked Stilt : امریکی چھوٹا سارس , Shinto : جاپان کا قدیم مذہب , Bambusa Vulgaris : انتہائی سخت بانس , African Clawed Frog : افریقی مینڈک

Useful Words Definitions

Hawkeye State: a state in midwestern United States.

Hoosier State: a state in midwestern United States.

Il: a midwestern state in north-central United States.

Honey Mesquite: thorny deep-rooted drought-resistant shrub native to southwestern United States and Mexico bearing pods rich in sugar and important as livestock feed; tends to form extensive thickets.

Buckeye State: a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region.

Chicago: The most populous city in Illinois; a vibrant metropolis with a thriving Great Lakes harbor spanning 26 miles along the southwestern coast of Lake Michigan.

Hideyo Noguchi: United States bacteriologist (born in Japan) who discovered the cause of yellow fever and syphilis (1876-1928).

Battle Born State: a state in the southwestern United States.

Prairie Coneflower: coneflower of central to southwestern United States.

Soap Tree: tall arborescent yucca of southwestern United States.

Hooded Skunk: of Mexico and southernmost parts of southwestern United States.

Kansas: Kansas is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west. The capital city of Kansas is Topeka, while the largest city is Wichita..

Asclepias Subverticillata: milkweed of southwestern United States and Mexico; poisonous to livestock.

American: a native or inhabitant of the United States.

Billion-Dollar Grass: coarse annual grass cultivated in Japan and southeastern Asia for its edible seeds and for forage; important wildlife food in United States.

Longhorn: long-horned beef cattle formerly common in southwestern United States.

Genus Holbrookia: a species of earless lizards endemic to the southwestern and central United States.

Lone-Star State: the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico.

Acanthocereus Pentagonus: cactus of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico having edible juicy fruit.

Hegari: Sudanese sorghums having white seeds; one variety grown in southwestern United States.

Colaptes Chrysoides: southwestern United States bird like the yellow-shafted flicker but lacking the red neck.

Prosopis Pubescens: shrub or small tree of southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico having spirally twisted pods.

Muscadine: native grape of southeastern United States; origin of many cultivated varieties.

Japanese: a native or inhabitant of Japan.

Azerbaijan: a landlocked republic in southwestern Asia; formerly an Asian soviet.

Crotalus Cerastes: small pale-colored desert rattlesnake of southwestern United States; body moves in an s-shaped curve.

Coville: desert shrub of southwestern United States and New Mexico having persistent resinous aromatic foliage and small yellow flowers.

Black-Necked Stilt: stilt of southwestern United States to northern South America having black plumage extending from the head down the back of the neck.

Shinto: the native religion and former ethnic cult of Japan.

Bambusa Vulgaris: extremely vigorous bamboo having thin-walled culms striped green and yellow; so widely cultivated that native area is uncertain.

African Clawed Frog: a tongueless frog native to Africa; established in the United States as result of release of laboratory and aquarium animals.

Related Words

Mosquito : مچھر , Aedes : ڈینگی مچھر

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