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Aesculapian meaning in Urdu

Aesculapian Synonym

Aesculapian in Detail

1) Aesculapian, Medical : فن شفا کے متعلق, معالج : (adjective) of or belonging to Aesculapius or the healing art.

Useful Words

Radiology : علم تابکاری : the branch of medical science dealing with the medical use of X-rays or other penetrating radiation.

Hospital : ہسپتال : a medical institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care.

Curable : قابل علاج : curing or healing is possible. "Curable diseases".

Salve : مرہم لگانا : apply a salve to, usually for the purpose of healing.

Proud Flesh : کھرنڈ : the swollen tissue around a healing wound or ulcer.

Scab : پبڑی : the crustlike surface of a healing skin lesion.

Balm : مرہم : any of various aromatic resinous substances used for healing and soothing.

Convalescence, Recovery, Recuperation : تندرستی : gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury.

Inunction, Unction : تیل کی مالش کرنا : anointing as part of a religious ceremony or healing ritual.

Cicatrice, Cicatrix, Scar : داغ : a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue. "Big scar on face".

Aesculapius, Asclepius, Asklepios : یونانی طرز فکر کے مطابق طب کا دیوتا : son of Apollo; a hero and the Roman god of medicine and healing; his daughters were Hygeia and Panacea.

Granulation, Granulation Tissue : بھرتے زخم کا سوجا ہوا کنارہ : new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process.

Traction : سکڑاوٴ : (orthopedics) the act of pulling on a bone or limb (as in a fracture) to relieve pressure or align parts in a special way during healing. "His leg was in traction for several days".

Heal All, Prunella Vulgaris, Self-Heal : نیلے پھول والا یورپی پودا : decumbent blue-flowered European perennial thought to possess healing properties; naturalized throughout North America.

Doc, Doctor, Dr., Md, Medico, Physician : ڈاکٹر : a licensed medical practitioner. "A good physician".

Hygienist : علم حفظان صحت کا ماہر : a medical specialist in hygiene.

Medically : طبی طور پر : involving medical practice. "Medically trained nurses".

Untreated : جس کا علاج نہ کیا گیا ہو : not given medical care or treatment. "An untreated disease".

Medical Student, Medico : طب کا طالب علم : a student in medical school.

Diagnose : مرض شناخت کرنا : subject to a medical analysis.

Medic, Medical Officer : طبیب : a medical practitioner in the armed forces.

Diagnostician, Pathologist : ماہر تشخیص : a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis.

Ophthalmoscope : آنکھ کے اندر دیکھنے کا آلہ : medical instrument for examining the retina of the eye.

Paediatric, Pediatric : بچوں کے امراض اور ان کی حفاظت سے متعلق : of or relating to the medical care of children. "Pediatric dentist".

Adjuvant : علاج میں مددگار : enhancing the action of a medical treatment. "The adjuvant action of certain bacteria".

Hospital Care, Hospitalisation, Hospitalization : ہسپتال میں داخلہ : placing in medical care in a hospital. "He is doing well after hospitalization".

Patient : بیمار : a person who requires medical care. "Army doctors begin attending patients in Rawalpindi".

Immunologist : مناعیات کا ماہر : a medical scientist who specializes in immunology.

Quarantine : قرنطینہ کرنا : place into enforced isolation, as for medical reasons. "My dog was quarantined before he could live in England".

First Aid : ہنگامی طبی امداد : emergency care given before regular medical aid can be obtained. "Must keep first aid box in home".

Disinter, Exhume : تفتیش کے لے قبر سے نکالنا : dig up for reburial or for medical investigation; of dead bodies.

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