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Afterglow meaning in Urdu

Afterglow Sentence

He basked in the afterglow of his victory.

Afterglow Definitions

1 of 2) Afterglow : غروب کے بعد تک نظر آنے والی روشنی : (noun) a glow sometimes seen in the sky after sunset.


2 of 2) Afterglow : حسین یادیں : (noun) the pleasure of remembering some pleasant event.

Useful Words

Blink : چمکنا , Crepuscle : مغرب کا وقت , Opening The Fast : افطار کرنا , Day : دن , Evening Star : سیارہ زھرہ , Sunset Meal : افطار , Bright : چمکایا ہوا , Sunset Prayer : مغرب کی نماز , Ramadan : رمضان المبارک , Atomic Number 10 : ایک بے رنگ غیر عامل گیسی عنصر , Dark : رات , After : دور واقع , Event : واقع , Glow : چمکنا , Pleasant : خوشگوار , Pleasance : خوشی , Memory : یاد , Flip : پھینکنا , Some : تھوڑا , Sometime : کبھی , Sundown : غروب آفتاب

Useful Words Definitions

Blink: gleam or glow intermittently.

Crepuscle: the time of day immediately following sunset.

Opening The Fast: opening the fast at the time of sunset.

Day: the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside.

Evening Star: a planet (usually Venus) seen at sunset in the western sky.

Sunset Meal: meal which is taken after a fast at the time of sunset.

Bright: made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow.

Sunset Prayer: prayer which is performed after sunset and before total darkness.

Ramadan: (Islam) a fast (held from sunrise to sunset) that is carried out during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Atomic Number 10: a colorless odorless gaseous element that give a red glow in a vacuum tube; one of the six inert gasses; occurs in the air in small amounts.

Dark: the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside. Dark and nighttime these are synonyms of night, related words of night is evening and period.

After: located farther aft.

Event: something that happens at a given place and time.

Glow: emit a steady even light without flames.

Pleasant: affording pleasure; being in harmony with your taste or likings.

Pleasance: a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience.

Memory: the cognitive processes whereby past experience is remembered.

Flip: throw or toss with a light motion.

Some: relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent.

Sometime: at some indefinite or unstated time.

Sundown: the time in the evening at which the sun begins to fall below the horizon.

Related Words

Pleasantness : مرغوبیت

Afterglow in Book Titles

The Afterglow of European Travel.
Afterglow: A Test of Human Spirit.
Unfolding Afterglow: Unfolding Afterglow.

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