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1) Agaricus, Genus Agaricus : کھمبی مشروم کی طرح : (noun) type genus of Agaricaceae; gill fungi having brown spores and including several edible species.


Useful Words

Amanita Phalloides : زہریلا , Genus Venus : زہرہ , Drosera : کیڑے مکوڑے کھانے والا پودا , Genus Homarus : جھینگے کی نسل , Acroclinium : سدا بہار جڑی بوٹی , Culex : مچھر , Listeria : لسٹریا کی قسم , Candida : پیٹ کی ایک بیماری , Genus Heteromeles : گوندنی والا پودا , Ostiole : سوراخ , Chestnut : شاہ بلوط کا پھل , Agrostemma : گل علف , Acropora : خاردار مونگا , Agriocharis : شترمرغ , Mulberry : شہتوت , Amphisbaena : سنڈی نما سانپ کی قسم , Genus Hexagrammos : گرین لنگ مچھلی , Gavialis : بڑے مگر مچھ کی ایک قسم , Agonus : چھوٹی مچھلیوں کی قسم , Genus Hirundo : پپیہے پرندے کی قسم , Genus Hippobosca : مکھی , Genus Holothuria : جونک جیسا جاندار , Agdestis : پھولدار بیل , Apple Tree : سیب کا درخت , Acipenser : سنگ ماہی , Genus Musca : گھریلو مکھی , Accipiter : شکرہ , Acanthurus : ڈاکٹر مچھلی , Genus Hirudo : جونک کی قسم , Castor : ارنڈی , Cimex : جنس کھٹمل

Useful Words Definitions

Amanita Phalloides: extremely poisonous usually white fungus with a prominent cup-shaped base; differs from edible Agaricus only in its white gills.

Genus Venus: type genus of the family Veneridae: genus of edible clams with thick oval shells.

Drosera: the type genus of Droseraceae including many low bog-inhabiting insectivorous plants.

Genus Homarus: type genus of the family Homaridae: common edible lobsters.

Acroclinium: genus of herbs and shrubs of Australia and South Africa: everlasting flower; most species usually placed in genus Helipterum.

Culex: type genus of the Culicidae: widespread genus of mosquitoes distinguished by holding the body parallel to the resting surface.

Listeria: any species of the genus Listeria.

Candida: any of the yeastlike imperfect fungi of the genus Candida.

Genus Heteromeles: one species: toyon; in some classifications included in genus Photinia.

Ostiole: a small pore especially one in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass.

Chestnut: edible nut of any of various chestnut trees of the genus Castanea.

Agrostemma: a caryophylloid dicot genus including corn cockles.

Acropora: coelenterate genus of order Madreporaria, including staghorn corals.

Agriocharis: a genus of birds of the family Meleagrididae including the ocellated turkey.

Mulberry: any of several trees of the genus Morus having edible fruit that resembles the blackberry.

Amphisbaena: type genus of the Amphisbaenidae.

Genus Hexagrammos: type genus of the Hexagrammidae.

Gavialis: type genus of the Gavialidae.

Agonus: type genus of the Agonidae.

Genus Hirundo: type genus of the Hirundinidae.

Genus Hippobosca: type genus of the Hippoboscidae.

Genus Holothuria: type genus of the Holothuridae.

Agdestis: a genus with one species that is a rapidly growing climbing vine with tuberous roots; grown in hot climates.

Apple Tree: any tree of the genus Malus especially those bearing firm rounded edible fruits.

Acipenser: type genus of the Acipenseridae: sturgeons.

Genus Musca: type genus of the Muscidae: houseflies.

Accipiter: type genus of the family Accipitridae.

Acanthurus: type genus of the Acanthuridae: doctorfishes.

Genus Hirudo: type genus of the family Hirudinidae.

Castor: type genus of the Castoridae: beavers.

Cimex: type genus of the Cimicidae: bedbugs.

Related Words

Agaricaceae : کھمبی , Agaricus Arvensis : گھوڑا مشروم , Agaricus Campestris : چراگاہی کھمبی

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