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Agitate meaning in Urdu

Agitate Sentence

He agitated me.

Agitate Synonyms


Agitate Definitions

1 of 6) Agitate, Foment, Stir Up : اشتعال دلانا : (verb) try to stir up public opinion.

2 of 6) Agitate, Charge, Charge Up, Commove, Excite, Rouse, Turn On : اکسانا, بھڑکانا, مشتعل کرنا : (verb) cause to be agitated, excited, or roused.

3 of 6) Agitate, Campaign, Crusade, Fight, Press, Push : تحریک چلانا : (verb) exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for.

4 of 6) Agitate, Budge, Shift, Stir : کھسکنا : (verb) move very slightly.

5 of 6) Agitate, Shake : ہلانا, ہلا کر ملانا : (verb) move or cause to move back and forth.

6 of 6) Agitate, Commove, Disturb, Raise Up, Shake Up, Stir Up, Vex : ہلچل پیدا کرنا : (verb) change the arrangement or position of.

Useful Words

Fan : ہوا دینا , Excite : جذبہ پیدا کرنا , Beat : پھینٹنا , Incite : بھڑکانا , Poke : دھکیلنا , Convulse : تڑپنا , Stoke : آگ میں ایندھن ڈالنا , Excite : جھنجھوڑ کر رکھ دینا , Cockle : موجوں کی طرح حرکت ہونا , Churn : گھمانا , Spoon : چمچہ , Head Cabbage : بند گوبی , Fire Hook : کریدنی , Canvasser : رائے شماری کرنے والا , Canvass : رائے طلبی , Plebiscite : مجلس عوام , Housing Commissioner : رہائشگاہوں کا کمشنر , Board Of Education : مجلس تعلیمی , Impeach : مواخزہ کرنا , Proton : پروٹون , Ticket : کاغذ کا پرز , Welfare State : فلاحی ریاست , In Public : عوامی انداز میں , Make : مقرر کرنا , Requisition : مطالبہ , Dissent : اختلاف راۓ ہونا , Agreed : متفقہ , Derogative : توہین آمیز , Accord : موافقت , Accede : تسلیم کرنا , Eyes : رائے

Useful Words Definitions

Fan: agitate the air.

Excite: stir feelings in.

Beat: stir vigorously.

Incite: provoke or stir up.

Poke: stir by poking.

Convulse: move or stir about violently.

Stoke: stir up or tend; of a fire.

Excite: stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of.

Cockle: stir up (water) so as to form ripples.

Churn: stir (cream) vigorously in order to make butter.

Spoon: a piece of cutlery with a shallow bowl-shaped container and a handle; used to stir or serve or take up food.

Head Cabbage: any of several varieties of cabbage having a large compact globular head; may be steamed or boiled or stir-fried or used raw in coleslaw.

Fire Hook: fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle; used to stir a fire.

Canvasser: someone who conducts surveys of public opinion.

Canvass: an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people.

Plebiscite: a vote by the electorate determining public opinion on a question of national importance.

Housing Commissioner: a commissioner in charge of public housing.

Board Of Education: a board in charge of local public schools.

Impeach: charge (a public official) with an offense or misdemeanor committed while in office.

Proton: a stable particle with positive charge equal to the negative charge of an electron.

Ticket: a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment).

Welfare State: a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc.

In Public: something is done, expressed, or conducted in a manner that is observable or accessible to the public. It indicates that an action or statement is done openly or in a public setting, without secrecy or privacy.

Make: charge with a function; charge to be.

Requisition: the act of requiring; an authoritative request or demand, especially by a military or public authority that takes something over (usually temporarily) for military or public use.

Dissent: a difference of opinion.

Agreed: united by being of the same opinion.

Derogative: expressive of low opinion.

Accord: concurrence of opinion.

Accede: yield to another`s wish or opinion.

Eyes: opinion or judgment.

Related Words

Advertise : اشتہار دینا , Rile : ہلا جلا کر گدلا کرنا , Disturb : پریشان کرنا , Electrify : جھنجہوڑنا , Displace : چیز کو ایک جگہ سے ہٹانا , Quake : لرزنا , Palpitate : دل کا دھک دھک کرنا , Convulse : ہلانا , Concuss : جھنجھوڑنا , Rumpus : جھگڑا

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