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Agonal meaning in Urdu

Agonal Definitions

1) Agonal : اذیت ناک : (adjective) pertaining to or associated with agony (especially death agonies).


Useful Words

Agonise : عذاب , Agonised : کراہت , Mortal : فانی , Postmortem : بعد از موت , Afterlife : آخرت , Destroy : قتل کرنا , Fatal : مہلک , Leave : مرنے کے بعد چھوڑ جانا , Deadly : جان لیوا , Inherit : ورثے میں پانا , Bereave : موت کی وجہ سے بچھڑ جانا , Asleep : موت کی نیند , In Extremis : موت کے کنارے پر , Antemortem : موت سے پہلے , Bequeath : مرنے کے بعد چھوڑ جانا , Departure : وصال , Crucifixion : عیسائیت , Killer : قاتل , Moribund : مرنے کے قریب , Bane : زہر قاتل , Kill : قتل کر نا , Knell : موت کی نشانی , Acherontia : مدھ , Inquest : تحقیقات , Widowed : بیوہ , Capital Punishment : سزائے موت , Life : زندگی , Gehenna : جہنم , Testate : وصیت , Transmigration : مرنے کے بعد روح کا دوسرے جسم میں جانا , Tragic : انتہائی افسوس ناک

Useful Words Definitions

Agonise: suffer agony or anguish.

Agonised: expressing pain or agony.

Mortal: subject to death.

Postmortem: after death or after an event.

Afterlife: life after death.

Destroy: put (an animal) to death.

Fatal: bringing death.

Leave: be survived by after one's death.

Deadly: of an instrument of certain death.

Inherit: obtain from someone after their death.

Bereave: deprive through death.

Asleep: in the sleep of death.

In Extremis: at the point of death.

Antemortem: preceding death.

Bequeath: leave or give by will after one`s death.

Departure: euphemistic expressions for death.

Crucifixion: the death of Jesus by crucifixion.

Killer: someone who causes the death of a person or animal.

Moribund: being on the point of death; breathing your last.

Bane: something causing misery or death.

Kill: cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly.

Knell: ring as in announcing death.

Acherontia: death`s-head moth.

Inquest: an inquiry into the cause of an unexpected death.

Widowed: single because of death of the spouse.

Capital Punishment: putting a condemned person to death.

Life: the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death).

Gehenna: a place where the wicked are punished after death.

Testate: having made a legally valid will before death.

Transmigration: the passing of a soul into another body after death.

Tragic: very sad; especially involving grief or death or destruction.

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