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اگر نہیں : Agr Nahi Meaning in English

Agr Nahi in Detail

1) اگر نہیں : Unless : (satellite adjective) except on the condition; if not.

Useful Words

جسمانی صلاحیتوں کا فقدان : Softness, Unfitness : poor physical condition; being out of shape or out of condition (as from a life of ease and luxury).

پیش نکیت : Prognathism : the condition of being prognathous; the condition of having a projecting jaw.

اگر : If : On the condition that. "Even if it fell off".

بہتر کرنا : Aid, Help : improve the condition of. "These pills will help the patient".

تحریک : Motivation : the condition of being motivated. "This is real motivation".

برباد شدہ : Bedraggled, Broken-Down, Derelict, Dilapidated, Ramshackle, Tatterdemalion, Tumble-Down : in deplorable condition. "A street of bedraggled tenements".

مزدور : Peonage : the condition of a peon.

شرط : Provision, Proviso : a stipulated condition. "He accepted subject to one provision".

شہر کاری : Urbanisation, Urbanization : the condition of being urbanized.

بے اولادی : Childlessness : the condition of being without offspring.

ماحول : Milieu, Surroundings : the environmental condition.

کمی : Shortness : the condition of being short of something. "There was no shortness of money".

بازو کے بغیر : Abrachia : the condition of having no arms.

ڈھیلا پن : Laxity, Laxness : the condition of being physiologically lax. "Baths can help the laxness of the bowels".

بحالی : Reinstatement : the condition of being reinstated. "Her reinstatement to her former office followed quickly".

اچھی حالت میں رکھا ہوا : Kept Up, Maintained, Well-Kept : kept in good condition.

سانس نہ آنا : Breathlessness, Shortness Of Breath, Sob : a dyspneic condition.

دوبارہ پچھلے مقام پر آنا : Rally, Rebound : return to a former condition. "The jilted lover soon rallied and found new friends".

رغبت : Prepossession : the condition of being prepossessed. "The king's prepossession in my favor is very valuable".

کروموسومز کا عدم توازن : Heteroploidy : the condition of being heteroploid. "Heteroploidy is responsible for a substantial birth defect".

لازم ہونا : Precondition : put into the required condition beforehand.

لے آنا : Bring : cause to come into a particular state or condition. "Long hard years of on the job training had brought them to their competence".

حالت میں رہنا : Come Away : leave in a certain condition. "She came away angry".

لازم : Precondition : a condition that is a prerequisite.

شرائط کے بغیر : Unconditionally : not subject to a condition. "He accepted the offer unconditionally".

دندان داری : Serration : the condition of being serrated. "The serrations of a city skyline".

مشروط طور پر : Conditionally : subject to a condition. "He accepted the offer conditionally".

بہوہڑ پن : Untidiness : the condition of being untidy.

اچھی حالت میں : A-Ok, A-Okay : in perfect condition or order.

پوشیدگی : Concealment, Privacy, Privateness, Secrecy : the condition of being concealed or hidden.

مالی کمزوری : Weakness : the condition of being financially weak. "The weakness of the dollar against the yen".

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