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Ahead 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Ahead in Sentences

The whole day lies ahead. The whole day lies ahead yet.

Ahead Synonyms

Close to Ahead

Ahead in Detail

1. آگے کی طرف Agay Ki Taraf : Forrader, Forward, Forwards, Onward, Onwards, Ahead : (adverb) in a forward direction.

I drop you ahead.
Go ahead.+ More

2. سامنے Samnay, آگے Agay : Before, In Front, Ahead : (adverb) at or in the front.

The barrier is closed ahead.
The situation is worse ahead.+ More

3. مستقبل میں Mustaqbil Men : Forward, Ahead : (adverb) toward the future; forward in time.

I like to look ahead in imagination to what the future may bring.

4. قبل از وقت Qabal Az Waqt : Beforehand, In Advance, Ahead : (adverb) ahead of time; in anticipation.

When you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount.
We like to plan ahead.

Ahead in Book Titles

What`s Ahead & Meanwhile.
Flying Ahead of the Airplane.
Decade Ahead: Applications and Contexts of Motivation and Achievement.
101 Best Ways to Get Ahead.
The Population Ahead.

Useful Words

Direction - Way : رخ Rukh : a line leading to a place or point. "Which way I should go?"

Forth - Forward - Onward : آگے کی طرف Agay Ki Taraf : forward in time or order or degree. "From that time forth"

Front - Presence : سامنے Samnay : the immediate proximity of someone or something. "Get out of my front"