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ایک دوسرے پر انحصار : Aik Dusray Par Inhesaar Meaning in English

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Aik Dusray Par Inhesaar in Detail

1) ایک دوسرے پر انحصار : Complementarity : (noun) the interrelation of reciprocity whereby one thing supplements or depends on the other.

Related : Reciprocity : a relation of mutual dependence or action or influence.

Useful Words

باہمی تعلق : Complementarity : a relation between two opposite states or principles that together exhaust the possibilities.

افادیت پسند : Utilitarian : someone who believes that the value of a thing depends on its utility.

فروخت افزائی : Sales Promotion : promotion that supplements or coordinates advertising.

نشاستہ کی آب پاشیدگی کے دوران بننے والا ایک حل پذیر پولی سیکرائیڈ : Dextrin : any of various polysaccharides obtained by hydrolysis of starch; a tasteless and odorless gummy substance that is used as a thickening agent and in adhesives and in dietary supplements.

کسی چیز کے تبادلے کا عمل : Exchange, Interchange : the act of changing one thing for another thing. "Adam was promised immortality in exchange for his disobedience".

دوسری مخلوق کھانے والا : Heterotroph : an organism that depends on complex organic substances for nutrition. "Heterotroph of grass".

لفظی معنی : Lexical Meaning : the meaning of a content word that depends on the nonlinguistic concepts it is used to express.

شیشے کا محل : Bubble, House Of Cards : a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control. "Her proposal was nothing but a house of cards".

تصوراتی فن : Abstract Art, Abstractionism : an abstract genre of art; artistic content depends on internal form rather than pictorial representation.

دو ٹکے کا : Damn, Darn, Hoot, Red Cent, Shit, Shucks, Tinker's Dam, Tinker's Damn : any cheap thing with bit value. "He is a damn drinker and you will get your daughter married with him? You should be ashamed".

اضافہ کرنے کا عمل : Addition : the act of adding one thing to another. "The addition of flowers created a pleasing effect".

ایک چیز کو دوسرے میں ڈالنے کا عمل : Insertion, Introduction, Intromission : the act of putting one thing into another.

سلسلہ : Chronological Sequence, Chronological Succession, Sequence, Succession, Successiveness : a following of one thing after another in time. "The doctor saw a sequence of patients".

دغا باز انسان : Betrayer, Double-Crosser, Double-Dealer, Traitor, Two-Timer : a person who says one thing and does another.

موزوں چیز : Just The Ticket, Ticket : the appropriate or desirable thing. "This car could be just the ticket for a small family".

تہوڑا تہوڑا : Bit-By-Bit, In Small Stages, Piecemeal, Step-By-Step, Stepwise : one thing at a time.

مناسبت : Appropriateness, Rightness : appropriate conduct; doing the right thing.

غلط پہچان کرنا : Confound, Confuse : mistake one thing for another. "You are confusing me with the other candidate".

لازمی : Must : a necessary or essential thing. "Ali must be out there".

ضرب : Hit, Hitting, Striking : the act of contacting one thing with another. "Repeated hitting raised a large bruise".

اصلی : Proper : limited to the thing specified. "The city proper".

ادل بدل : Permutation, Replacement, Substitution, Switch, Transposition : an event in which one thing is substituted for another. "The replacement of lost blood by a transfusion of donor blood".

ایک : 1, Ane, I, One : used of a single unit or thing; not two or more. "`ane` is Scottish".

قسم : Type : a subdivision of a particular kind of thing. "What type of sculpture do you prefer?".

ٹکڑا : Ball, Chunk, Clod, Clump, Glob, Lump : a compact mass of any thing. "Lumpy skin disease spreading in cattle".

اس جگہ میں : In That, In This, Therein : (formal) in or into that thing or place. "They can read therein what our plans are".

میلاپ کرانا : Accommodate, Conciliate, Reconcile : make (one thing) compatible with (another). "The scientists had to accommodate the new results with the existing theories".

نقش : Impression : the act of pressing one thing on or into the surface of another. "He watched the impression of the seal on the hot wax".

تبادلہ : Shift, Switch, Switching : the act of changing one thing or position for another. "His switch on abortion cost him the election".

بندوبست : Agreement, Arrangement : the thing arranged or agreed to. "They made arrangements to meet in Chicago".

اصطلاح : Term : a word or expression used for some particular thing. "He learned many medical terms".

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