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Air Search Radar meaning in Urdu

Air Search Radar Definitions

1) Air Search Radar : بحری ریڈار : (noun) a shipboard radar that searches for aircraft.


Useful Words

3d Radar : تین جہتی ریڈار , Radar Dome : گنبد نما , Acquire : حدف تلاش کرنا , Clutter : شور , Racon : ریڈار کا رہنما مینار , Google : گوگل میں سرچ کرنا , Go : ناجائز تلاشی لینا , Search Warrant : وارنٹ تلاشی , Comb : ڈہونڈنا , Leave No Stone Unturned : کوئی کسر نہ چھوڑنا , Prospect : من چاہی چیز تلاش کرنا , Finger : پر تلاش کرنا , Go After : شکار کی تلاش میں جانا , Look : تلاش کرنا , Beat About : شدت سے تلاش کرنا , Enquiry : تحقیق , Grub : ڈہونڈنا , Hunt : تلاش کرنا , Marauder : حملہ آور لٹیرا , Exploration : تلاش , Quester : متلاشی , Horn In : بیچ میں گھسنا , Hunt : شکار کھیلنا , Grope : کسی شے کو اندھے پن سے تلاش کرنا , Stalk : شکار تلاش کرنا , Gad : بے مقصد پھرنا , Maraud : کسی چیز کی تلاش میں چھاپہ مارنا , Shopper : خریدار , Pursuance : کہوج , Bust : چھاپہ مارنا , Cast : مٹر گشت کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

3d Radar: radar that will report altitude as well as azimuth and distance of a target.

Radar Dome: a housing for a radar antenna; transparent to radio waves.

Acquire: locate (a moving entity) by means of a tracking system such as radar.

Clutter: unwanted echoes that interfere with the observation of signals on a radar screen.

Racon: a device that, on receiving radar signals, transmits coded signals in response to help navigators determine their position.

Google: search online on the internet (for information) using the Google search engine.

Go: go through in search of something; search through someone`s belongings in an unauthorized way.

Search Warrant: a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to search for objects or people involved in the commission of a crime and to produce them in court; the warrant describes the locations where the officials may search.

Comb: search thoroughly.

Leave No Stone Unturned: search thoroughly and exhaustively.

Prospect: search for something desirable.

Finger: search for on the computer.

Go After: go in search of or hunt for.

Look: search or seek.

Beat About: search anxiously.

Enquiry: a search for knowledge.

Grub: search about busily.

Hunt: seek, search for.

Marauder: someone who attacks in search of booty.

Exploration: a careful systematic search.

Quester: someone making a search or inquiry.

Horn In: search or inquire in a meddlesome way.

Hunt: search (an area) for prey.

Grope: search blindly or uncertainly.

Stalk: go through (an area) in search of prey.

Gad: wander aimlessly in search of pleasure.

Maraud: raid and rove in search of booty.

Shopper: someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy.

Pursuance: a search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria.

Bust: search without warning, make a sudden surprise attack on.

Cast: move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment.

Close Words

Air : ہوا دار بنانا , Air Alert : چوکس ہونے کا وہ وقت جس میں ہوائی حملہ ممکن ہو , Air Attache : فضائیہ کا افسر , Air Attack : ہوائی حملہ , Air Bag : ہوائی تھیلی , Air Base : ہوائی اڈہ , Air Bladder : مچھلی کے جسم کا حصہ , Air Bubble : ہوائی بلبلہ , Air Castle : خیالی پلاو , Air Cell : پھیپھڑے کی تھیلی , Air Cleaner : فلٹر

Close Words Definitions

Air: expose to fresh air.

Air Alert: the time period during which military and civilian agencies are prepared for an enemy air attack.

Air Attache: a military attache who is a commissioned or warrant officer in an air force.

Air Attack: an attack by armed planes on a surface target.

Air Bag: a safety restraint in an automobile; the bag inflates on collision and prevents the driver or passenger from being thrown forward.

Air Base: a base for military aircraft.

Air Bladder: an air-filled sac near the spinal column in many fishes that helps maintain buoyancy.

Air Bubble: a bubble of air.

Air Castle: absentminded dreaming while awake.

Air Cell: a tiny sac for holding air in the lungs; formed by the terminal dilation of tiny air passageways.

Air Cleaner: a filter that removes dust from the air that passes through it.

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