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Air-To-Air meaning in Urdu

Air-To-Air Sentence

Air to air missiles.

Air-To-Air Definitions

1) Air-To-Air : ہوا سے ہوا میں : (adjective) operating between or launched from or involving rockets or aircraft in flight.

Air-to-air communications.


Useful Words

Launch Area : میزائل چلانے کی جگہ , Accelerometer : جہاز کی رفتار کا اندازہ لگانے والا آلہ , Airmanship : طیارہ اڑانے یا جہاز رانی کا فن , Flight : اڑان , Airplane Pilot : پائلٹ , Acrobatics : ہوائی کرتب , Air-To-Ground : ہوا سے زمین پر , Bomber : بمبار , Black Box : ہوائی جہاز میں پرواز کا ریکارڈ رکھنے والہ ڈبا , Multinational : قومی حدود سے بلند , Stall : انجن کا نہ چلنا , Autogiro : ہیلی کوپٹر , Aeromedicine : طب ہوائی , Flight Engineer : دوران پرواز طیارہ مکینک , Air Cover : فضائی تحفظ , Aerial Torpedo : ہوائی بم , Air-To-Air Missile : ہوا سے ہوا میں مارنے والا میزائیل , Air-To-Ground Missile : ہوا سے زمین پر مارنے والا میزائیل , Co-Ordinated : مربوط , Crash : چلتے چلتے رک جانا , Kill : ناکارہ کر دینا , Cut Out : رکنا , Break : خراب ہو جانا , Tie Up : بند کرنا , High-Speed : تیز رفتار , Co-Occurrent : بیک وقت , Sop : کام کرنے کا اصول , Stiff : بے لچک , Year-Around : سال بھر , Subterranean : پوشیدہ , Clap : ہوا میں ٹکرانا

Useful Words Definitions

Launch Area: a platform from which rockets or space craft are launched.

Accelerometer: an instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rockets.

Airmanship: the art of operating aircraft.

Flight: a formation of aircraft in flight.

Airplane Pilot: someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight.

Acrobatics: the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft.

Air-To-Ground: operating from or designed to be fired from aircraft at targets on the ground.

Bomber: a military aircraft that drops bombs during flight.

Black Box: equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight.

Multinational: involving or operating in several nations or nationalities.

Stall: a malfunction in the flight of an aircraft in which there is a sudden loss of lift that results in a downward plunge.

Autogiro: an aircraft that is supported in flight by unpowered rotating horizontal wings (or blades); forward propulsion is provided by a conventional propeller.

Aeromedicine: the study and treatment of disorders associated with flight (especially with space flight).

Flight Engineer: the flight crewman responsible for mechanical operation while in flight.

Air Cover: the use of military aircraft to provide protection against attack by enemy aircraft during ground or naval operations.

Aerial Torpedo: a torpedo designed to be launched from an airplane.

Air-To-Air Missile: a missile designed to be launched from one airplane at another.

Air-To-Ground Missile: a missile designed to be launched from an airplane at a target on the ground.

Co-Ordinated: operating as a unit.

Crash: stop operating.

Kill: cause to cease operating.

Cut Out: cease operating.

Break: stop operating or functioning.

Tie Up: restrain from moving or operating normally.

High-Speed: operating at high speed.

Co-Occurrent: occurring or operating at the same time.

Sop: standard operating procedure.

Stiff: not moving or operating freely.

Year-Around: operating or continuing throughout the year.

Subterranean: being or operating under the surface of the earth.

Clap: strike the air in flight.

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