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Akhfae : اخفاِء

1. Covertness, Hiddenness : اخفاء - پوشیدگی : (noun) the state of being covert and hidden.

2. Confidentiality : اخفاء : (noun) the state of being secret.

Hasti : Being : a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently.

Halat : State : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Narrate me the state of your heart"

Dahakan, Aar : Covert : a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something. "A screen of trees afforded privacy"

Riasat : State : a politically organized body of people under a single government. "The state has elected a new president"

Hukumat : State : the group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state. "The state has lowered its income tax"

Mulk : State : the territory occupied by a nation. "I had to leave the country"

Suba : State : the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation. "His state is in the deep south"

Wujood : Being : the state or fact of existing. "A point of view gradually coming into being"

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