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علالت : Alalat Meaning in English

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1 of 2) علالت : Ailment Complaint Ill : (noun) an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining.

Related : Upset : a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning. Motion Sickness : the state of being dizzy or nauseated because of the motions that occur while traveling in or on a moving vehicle.


2 of 2) مرض علالت بیماری : Illness Malady Sickness Unwellness : (noun) impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism.

Related : Unhealthiness : a state in which you are unable to function normally and without pain. Ague : a fit of shivering or shaking. Anuria : inability to urinate.

Useful Words

بیماری : Crud : an ill-defined bodily ailment. "He said he had the crud and needed a doctor".

دماغی بیماری : Disturbance, Folie, Mental Disorder, Mental Disturbance, Psychological Disorder : (psychiatry) a psychological disorder of thought or emotion; a more neutral term than mental illness.

دماغی مرض : Brain Disease, Brain Disorder, Encephalopathy : any disorder or disease of the brain.

صحت کا خیال : Health Care, Healthcare : the preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession. "Healthcare services".

مرض کی تشخیص کرنا : Diagnose, Name : determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis. "They have been diagnosed with dengue".

ٹھیک ہوجانا : Rehabilitate : Help someone to restore his or her health after addiction or illness.. "He was successfully rehabilitated after drug addiction".

صحت مند : Well : in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury. "Appears to be entirely well".

سائنس جو صحت کے متعلق ہو : Hygiene, Hygienics : the science concerned with the prevention of illness and maintenance of health.

رخنہ : Disruption, Perturbation : the act of causing disorder.

بیماری کی علامات کے بغیر : Asymptomatic, Symptomless : having no symptoms of illness or disease. "Asymptomatic bacteriuria".

غدود کی بیماری : Adenosis, Gland Disease, Glandular Disease, Glandular Disorder : a disorder of the glands of the body.

پاگل : Mental : affected by a disorder of the mind. "A mental patient".

سکون کی دوا : Alp : a drug is used for anxiety disorder. "He takes Alp 5 mg every night".

پاگل پن : Insanity : relatively permanent disorder of the mind. "You are the cause of my Insanity".

بے قرار : Unquiet : characterized by unrest or disorder. "Unquiet days of riots".

دماغی خلل : Aberration : a disorder in one's mental state.

کسی چیز کو بے ترتیب کر دینا : Derange, Perturb, Throw Out Of Kilter : throw into great confusion or disorder. "Fundamental Islamicists threaten to perturb the social order in Algeria and Egypt".

گڑ بڑ : Bedlam, Chaos, Pandemonium, Topsy-Turvydom, Topsy-Turvyness : a state of extreme confusion and disorder. "Chaos could increase in the world".

افرا تفری سے بھر پور : Disruptive, Riotous, Troubled, Tumultuous, Turbulent : characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination. "Effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive".

دماغی مریض : Psychopathic, Psychopathologic, Psychopathological : suffering from an undiagnosed mental disorder.

درد : Hurting, Pain : a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder. "I am having leg pain".

خون کی خرابی سے متعلق : Agranulocytic : relating to the blood disorder of agranulocytosis.

مرض روک : Preventative, Preventive, Prophylactic : remedy that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease. "The doctor recommended several preventatives".

بڑھانے کا باعث : Aggravation, Exacerbation : action that makes a problem or a disease (or its symptoms) worse. "The aggravation of her condition resulted from lack of care".

ذی فہم : Sane : mentally healthy; free from mental disorder. "Appears to be completely sane".

فسادات : Riot, Rioting : a state of disorder involving group violence.

جلدی بیماری : Jungle Rot : skin disorder induced by a tropical climate.

بوکھلاہٹ : Confusion : disorder resulting from a failure to behave predictably. "The army retreated in confusion".

جلد کا حد سے زیادہ سرخ ہو جانا : Erythroderma : any skin disorder involving abnormal redness.

بھوک کی کمی : Anorexia : a prolonged disorder of eating due to loss of appetite. "Anorexia patient".

اچھی حالت میں : Shipshape, Trim, Well-Kept : of places; characterized by order and neatness; free from disorder. "Even the barn was shipshape".

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