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All Of A Sudden 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

All Of A Sudden Sentence

He has deceived you in recent past so how could you trust him all of a sudden.

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1 of 2 : اچانک Achanak : Of A Sudden Suddenly All Of A Sudden : (adverb) happening unexpectedly.

It turned dark all of a sudden.


All Of A Sudden in Book Titles

All of a Sudden: Journey to the Dark.
All of a Sudden: Things that Matter in Contemporary Art.
Jack Pierson: All of a Sudden.

Useful Words

Happening Natural Event Occurrence Occurrent : واقعہ Waqia : an event that happens.

Out Of The Blue Unexpectedly : غیر متوقع طور پر Ghair Mutawaqa Tor Par : in a way that was not expected. "You said to me that the family is out, we could both smoke sheesha? Yes I said it but I don`t know how they came back unexpectedly"

Warning : تنبیہ Tanbia : a message informing of danger. "A warning that still more bombs could explode"

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