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Allah meaning in Urdu

Allah Sentences

Allah Definitions

1) Allah : اللہ : (noun) Muslim name for the one and only God.


Useful Words

Noah : حضرت نوح علیہ السلام , Calif : امیر المومنین , Kismat : قسمت , Worship : عبادت , Mahomet : محمد ﷺ , Hegira : ہجرت نبی , Hakeem : حکیم , Call To Prayer : اذان , Mcb : مسلم کمرشل بینک , Musharraf : سعادت حاصل کرنے والا , Hakim : حاکم , Farhan : خوش , Mufti : مفتی , Yashmac : وہ کپڑا جسے مسلمان خواتین چہرہ ڈھانپنے کے لئے استعمال کرتی ہیں , Zeeshan : شاندار , Mosque : مسجد , Eid : عید , Grand Turk : سلطان , Nabeel : بلند مرتبہ , Laiba : پری , Fakeer : فقیر , Mollah : عالم دین , Begum : معزز خاتون , Islam : دین اسلام , Call To Prayer : اذان , Muadhdhin : موذن , Turban : مسلمانوں کا عمامہ , Crier Of Prayer : موذن , Chadar : چادر , Jinnah : قائد اعظم محمد علی جناح , Hareem : زنان خانہ

Useful Words Definitions

Noah: Prophet of Allah who saved himself with the help of Allah and some of his family and the animals by building an ark.

Calif: the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth.

Kismat: (Islam) the will of Allah.

Worship: the activity of worshipping Allah.

Mahomet: the Arab prophet who, according to Islam, was the last messenger of Allah (570-632).

Hegira: the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 which marked the beginning of the Muslim era; the Muslim calendar begins in that year.

Hakeem: a Muslim physician.

Call To Prayer: the Muslim call to prayer.

Mcb: Muslim Commercial Bank.

Musharraf: Muslim boy name which means honoured and exalted..

Hakim: a Muslim ruler or governor or judge.

Farhan: muslim boy name which means mirthful, gay and happy.

Mufti: a jurist who interprets Muslim religious law.

Yashmac: the face veil worn by Muslim women.

Zeeshan: Muslim boy name which means pompous, splendid and glorious.

Mosque: (Islam) a Muslim place of worship that usually has a minaret.

Eid: Muslim festival after holy month Ramazan.

Grand Turk: the ruler of a Muslim country (especially of the former Ottoman Empire).

Nabeel: Muslim boy name which means alert, noble and genius..

Laiba: Muslim girl name which means beautiful and fairy.

Fakeer: a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man.

Mollah: a Muslim trained in the doctrine and law of Islam; the head of a mosque.

Begum: a Muslim woman of high rank in India or Pakistan.

Islam: the civilization of Muslims collectively which is governed by the Muslim religion.

Call To Prayer: (Islam) A call for worship recited by a Muslim man at prescribed times of the day.

Muadhdhin: the Muslim official of a mosque who summons the faithful to prayer from a minaret five times a day.

Turban: a traditional Muslim headdress consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head.

Crier Of Prayer: The Muslim official of a Masjid who summons the faithful to prayer from a minaret five times a day.

Chadar: a cloth used as a head covering (and veil and shawl) by Muslim and Hindu women.

Jinnah: Indian statesman who was the founder of Pakistan as a Muslim state (1876-1948).

Hareem: living quarters reserved for wives and concubines and female relatives in a Muslim household.

Related Words

God : خدا

جان بُوجھ کَر