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1 of 2) Allegiance, Commitment, Dedication, Loyalty : بیعت, عہد وفا, عزم : (noun) the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action.

The allegiance of Pakistan army is that even if we die, we will not allow the country to be destroyed.

2 of 2) Allegiance, Fealty : حب الوطنی, ملک سے وفاداری : (noun) the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign).

Useful Words

Faith : اعتماد , Communalism : نسل پرستی , Loyal : وفادار , Profess : اقرار کرنا , Bayat : بیعت , Arise : بغاوت کرنا , Abandonment : فرض سے دست برداری , National : قوم کا فرد , Assurance : ضمانت , Loyalist : وفادار شخص , Disloyal : غدار , Cling : چمٹا ہوا , Commonwealth : دولت مشترکہ , Superficial : سرسری , Feudatory : وفادار , British Commonwealth : برطانوی دولت مشترکہ , Alien : غیر ملکی , Rededication : وقف کرنا , Assure : وعدہ کرنا , Guarantee : گارنٹی , Fecund : بکثرت پیدا کرنے والا , Disloyally : غداری سے , Staunch : کٹر , Loyally : وفا داری سے , True-Blue : ثابت قدم , Back Away : پیچھے ہٹنا , Promise : وعدہ , Staunchness : ثابت قدمی , Americanism : امریکا سے وفاداری , Anthem : قومی ترانہ , Company Man : وفادار ملازم

Useful Words Definitions

Faith: loyalty or allegiance to a cause or a person.

Communalism: loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole.

Loyal: steadfast in allegiance or duty.

Profess: confess one's faith in, or allegiance to.

Bayat: an oath of allegiance to an emir.

Arise: take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance.

Abandonment: withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility.

National: a person who owes allegiance to that nation.

Assurance: a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something.

Loyalist: a person who is loyal to their allegiance (especially in times of revolt).

Disloyal: deserting your allegiance or duty to leader or cause or principle.

Cling: to remain emotionally or intellectually attached.

Commonwealth: a world organization of autonomous states that are united in allegiance to a central power but are not subordinate to it or to one another.

Superficial: concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; not deep or penetrating emotionally or intellectually.

Feudatory: a person holding a fief; a person who owes allegiance and service to a feudal lord.

British Commonwealth: an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown.

Alien: a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country.

Rededication: a new dedication.

Assure: make a promise or commitment.

Guarantee: an unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true.

Fecund: intellectually productive.

Disloyally: without loyalty; in a disloyal manner.

Staunch: firm and dependable especially in loyalty.

Loyally: with loyalty; in a loyal manner.

True-Blue: marked by unswerving loyalty.

Back Away: make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity.

Promise: a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future.

Staunchness: loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulty.

Americanism: loyalty to the United States and its institutions.

Anthem: a song of devotion or loyalty (as to a nation or school).

Company Man: an employee whose first loyalty is to the company rather than to fellow workers.

Related Words

Consecration : وقف کرنے کا عمل , Cooperation : تعاون , Loyalty : وفا داری

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