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Alloy meaning in Urdu

Alloy Sentence

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper.

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Alloy Definitions

1 of 3) Alloy, Metal : دو یا چند دھاتوں کا مرکب : (noun) a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten.

2 of 3) Alloy, Admixture : ملاوٹ : (noun) the state of impairing the quality or reducing the value of something.

3 of 3) Alloy : معدنی آمیزش : (verb) make an alloy of.

Useful Words

Bronze : کانسی , High-Speed Steel : فولادی کٹر , Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev : روس کا کیمیا دان , Atomic Number 80 : پارہ , Atomic Number 38 : ایک ہلکا زرد قلزی ارضی کیمیا , Atomic Number 37 : چاندی جیسا ایک دھاتی عنصر , Atomic Number 76 : بہت سخت پلاٹینم کا گروہ , Ag : چاندی , Atomic Number 29 : پیتل , Atomic Number 19 : پوٹاشیم , Electrum : سونے چاندی کا مرکب , Brass : پیتل , 22-Karat Gold : بائیس قراط کا سونا , 18-Karat Gold : جس میں 75 % سونا ہو , Bearing Metal : سفید دھات , German Silver : جرمن چاندی , Oreide : زریں بھرت , Babbitt : رانگ اور تانبے سے بنی دھات , Atomic Number 11 : سوڈیم , Metalloid : دھات جیسا , Jangle : عجیب آواز نکالنا , Steel : فولاد , Tick : ٹک ٹک کی آواز , Chink : ٹن ٹن , Wire Cloth : تار کی جالی , Jangle : پر شور آواز نکالنا , Ting : ٹن ٹن کی آواز , Jangling : فضول , Canister : کنستر , Storage Tank : ٹنکی , Blend : ملانا

Useful Words Definitions

Bronze: an alloy of copper and tin and sometimes other elements; also any copper-base alloy containing other elements in place of tin.

High-Speed Steel: an alloy steel that remains hard at a red heat; used to make metal-cutting tools.

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev: Russian chemist who developed a periodic table of the chemical elements and predicted the discovery of several new elements (1834-1907).

Atomic Number 80: a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element; the only metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures.

Atomic Number 38: a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element of the alkali metal group; turns yellow in air; occurs in celestite and strontianite.

Atomic Number 37: a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali metal group; burns in air and reacts violently in water; occurs in carnallite and lepidolite and pollucite.

Atomic Number 76: a hard brittle blue-grey or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals; the heaviest metal known.

Ag: a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography.

Atomic Number 29: a ductile malleable reddish-brown corrosion-resistant diamagnetic metallic element; occurs in various minerals but is the only metal that occurs abundantly in large masses; used as an electrical and thermal conductor.

Atomic Number 19: a light soft silver-white metallic element of the alkali metal group; oxidizes rapidly in air and reacts violently with water; is abundant in nature in combined forms occurring in sea water and in carnallite and kainite and sylvite.

Electrum: an alloy of gold and silver.

Brass: an alloy of copper and zinc.

22-Karat Gold: an alloy that contains 87 per cent gold.

18-Karat Gold: an alloy that contains 75 per cent gold.

Bearing Metal: an alloy (often of lead or tin base) used for bearings.

German Silver: a silver-white alloy containing copper and zinc and nickel.

Oreide: alloy of copper and tin and zinc; used in imitation gold jewelry.

Babbitt: an alloy of tin with some copper and antimony; a lining for bearings that reduces friction.

Atomic Number 11: a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group; occurs abundantly in natural compounds (especially in salt water); burns with a yellow flame and reacts violently in water; occurs in sea water and in the mineral halite (rock salt).

Metalloid: of or being a nonmetallic element that has some of the properties of metal.

Jangle: a metallic sound.

Steel: an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range.

Tick: a metallic tapping sound.

Chink: a short light metallic sound.

Wire Cloth: fabric woven of metallic wire.

Jangle: make a sound typical of metallic objects.

Ting: a light clear metallic sound as of a small bell.

Jangling: like the discordant ringing of nonmusical metallic objects striking together.

Canister: a metallic cylinder packed with shot and used as ammunition in a firearm.

Storage Tank: a large (usually metallic) vessel for holding gases or liquids.

Blend: mix together different elements.

Related Words

Chemical Science : علم کیمیا , Metallurgy : فلزیات , Heavy Metal : بھاری دھات , Pewter : جستی برتن

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