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عملِ جَراحی سے قبَل : Amal E Jarahi Se Qabal Meaning in English

Amal E Jarahi Se Qabal in Detail

1) عمل جراحی سے قبل : Preoperative : (satellite adjective) happening or done before and in preparation for a surgical operation.


Useful Words

جراحی : Operation , واقعہ : Happening , تربیت : Grooming , جراحی سے معتلق : Surgical , کسی تیز اوزار سے کسی جسمانی حصے کو کاٹنا : Incision , مخصوص ہدف پر اچانک حملہ : Surgical Strike , سرجری میں ٹانکا : Surgical Seam , متحرک : In Operation , کارروائی : Operation , کمپیوٹر کا کام : Computer Operation , دشمن کی خفیہ معلومات جمع کرنا : Intelligence , بیک وقت دو عمل : Concurrent Operation , پہلے : Before

Useful Words Definitions

Operation: a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body.

Happening: an event that happens.

Grooming: activity leading to skilled behavior.

Surgical: of or relating to or involving or used in surgery.

Incision: the cutting of or into body tissues or organs (especially by a surgeon as part of an operation).

Surgical Strike: an attack (usually without prior warning) intended to deal only with a specific target.

Surgical Seam: a seam used in surgery.

In Operation: being in effect or operation.

Operation: the state of being in effect or being operative.

Computer Operation: an elementary operation that a computer is designed and built to perform.

Intelligence: the operation of gathering information about an enemy.

Concurrent Operation: two or more operations performed at the same time (or within a give interval).

Before: earlier in time; previously.

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