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امامی پیچُوایٹری گَلَینڈ سے خَارَج ہونے والا نَمُو کا عامَل : Amami Pichwari Gland Se Kharij Honay Wala Namu Ka Aamal Meaning in English

Amami Pichwari Gland Se Kharij Honay Wala Namu Ka Aamal Synonyms


Amami Pichwari Gland Se Kharij Honay Wala Namu Ka Aamal in Detail

Useful Words

دماغ کا غدود : Adenohypophysis , بڑا ہونا : Growth , تیزی سے اٹھنا : Rapid Climb , انسولین پر موقوف ذیابیطس شکری : Autoimmune Diabetes , ہارمون : Endocrine , گلے کے غدود کو توانائی فراہم کرنے والا مادہ جو خون میں شامل ہوتا ہے : Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone , پیرا تھائیرائیڈ گلینڈ سے خارج شدہ ہارمون جو ہڈی کے کیلشیم جزو کو کنٹرول کرتا ہے : Parathormone , تناو کا ہارمون : Acth , ہائیپو تھیلامس میں بننے والا : Adh , مصنوعی ہامون دینا : Hormone Replacement Therapy , جسم کے لئے ضروری مادوں کو اپنے اندر محفوظ کرنے والا گلٹھی نما اعضاء : Gland , غدود کی بیماری : Adenosis , پھول کا غدود : Honey Gland , مثانہ : Prostate , بے قنات غدود : Ductless Gland , گلے کے غدود جو گردن کی تہ میں ہوتے ہیں : Thyroid , وہ مسام جس سے پسینہ خارج ہوتا ہے : Sudoriferous Gland , گردوں کے قریب کے غدود : Adrenal , انسانیت : Human Beings , پہلے : Anterior , ناک کے سوراخ : Anterior Naris , ایک خطرناک بیماری : Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis , انسانی : Human , بڑا عہدا دینا : Advance

Useful Words Definitions

Adenohypophysis: the anterior lobe of the pituitary body; primarily glandular in nature.

Growth: a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important.

Rapid Climb: a rapid rise.

Autoimmune Diabetes: severe diabetes mellitus with an early onset; characterized by polyuria and excessive thirst and increased appetite and weight loss and episodic ketoacidosis; diet and insulin injections are required to control the disease.

Endocrine: the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect.

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone: anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates the function of the thyroid gland.

Parathormone: hormone synthesized and released into the blood stream by the parathyroid glands; regulates phosphorus and calcium in the body and functions in neuromuscular excitation and blood clotting.

Acth: a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenal cortex.

Adh: hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitressin) and also by nerve endings in the hypothalamus; affects blood pressure by stimulating capillary muscles and reduces urine flow by affecting reabsorption of water by kidney tubules.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: hormones (estrogen and progestin) are given to postmenopausal women; believed to protect them from heart disease and osteoporosis.

Gland: any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream.

Adenosis: a disorder of the glands of the body.

Honey Gland: a gland (often a protuberance or depression) that secretes nectar.

Prostate: a firm partly muscular chestnut sized gland in males at the neck of the urethra; produces a viscid secretion that is the fluid part of semen.

Ductless Gland: any of the glands of the endocrine system that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream.

Thyroid: located near the base of the neck.

Sudoriferous Gland: any of the glands in the skin that secrete perspiration.

Adrenal: either of a pair of complex endocrine glands situated near the kidney.

Human Beings: all of the living human inhabitants of the earth.

Anterior: earlier in time.

Anterior Naris: either one of the two external openings to the nasal cavity in the nose.

Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis: an acute viral disease marked by inflammation of nerve cells of the brain stem and spinal cord.

Human: characteristic of humanity.

Advance: give a promotion to or assign to a higher position.

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