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1) American Bison, American Buffalo, Bison Bison, Buffalo : بھینس : (noun) large shaggy-haired brown bison of North American plains.

Useful Words

Haym Salomon : امریکی انقلابی سرمایہ کار , Garter Snake : شمالی اور وسطی امریکا میں پایا جانے والا سانپ , Beefalo : دوغلا جانور , Carya Ovata : ایک قسم کا اخروٹ , Genus Hedeoma : امریکی بوٹی , Adam-And-Eve : شمالی امریکی پھولدار پودا , Butternut : شمال امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا اخروٹ کا درخت , Hoary Marmot : امریکی گلہری , Bidens Coronata : سورج مکھی , Catoptrophorus Semipalmatus : ایک بڑا پرندہ , Basket Ash : امریکی درخت , Campsis Radicans : ترم پھول , Buchloe Dactyloides : ایک قسم کی گھاس , Acer Saccharinum : چاندی میپل , Carrizo : لمبی گھاس , Gleditsia Triacanthos : کانٹے دار امریکی پودا , Evening Grosbeak : امریکی کوئل , Genus Sialia : شمالی امریکہ کا گانے والا پرندہ , Common Raccoon : راکون جنگلی بلی , Brazil : ایک قسم کا خشک میوا , Common Shiner : امریکی چھوٹی مچھلی , Bluebird : شمالی امریکہ کا نیلا گانے والا پرندہ , American Kestrel : باز , Actitis Macularia : امریکی چڑیا , American Plaice : امریکی سول مچھلی , Pine Finch : امریکی گانے والی چڑیا , Agelaius Phoeniceus : امریکی کوئیل , Ectopistes Migratorius : مسافر کبوتر , Hatchet : کلہاڑا , Actaea Alba : شمالی امریکا کا زہریلا گوندنی والا پودا یا بوٹی , Genus Heterotheca : امریکی جڑی بوٹی

Useful Words Definitions

Haym Salomon: American financier and American Revolutionary War patriot who helped fund the army during the American Revolution (1740?-1785).

Garter Snake: any of numerous nonvenomous longitudinally-striped viviparous North American and Central American snakes.

Beefalo: hardy breed of cattle resulting from crossing domestic cattle with the American buffalo; yields leaner beef than conventional breeds.

Carya Ovata: North American hickory having loose grey shaggy bark and edible nuts.

Genus Hedeoma: American herb having purple-blue flowers (American pennyroyal).

Adam-And-Eve: North American orchid bearing a single leaf and yellowish-brown flowers.

Butternut: North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts; source of a light-brown dye.

Hoary Marmot: large North American mountain marmot.

Bidens Coronata: North American bur marigold with large flowers.

Catoptrophorus Semipalmatus: large North American shorebird of eastern and Gulf Coasts.

Basket Ash: vigorous spreading North American tree having dark brown heavy wood; leaves turn gold in autumn.

Campsis Radicans: a North American woody vine having pinnate leaves and large red trumpet-shaped flowers.

Buchloe Dactyloides: short grass growing on dry plains of central United States (where buffalo roam).

Acer Saccharinum: a common North American maple tree; five-lobed leaves are light green above and silvery white beneath; source of hard close-grained but brittle light-brown wood.

Carrizo: tall North American reed having relative wide leaves and large plumelike panicles; widely distributed in moist areas; used for mats, screens and arrow shafts.

Gleditsia Triacanthos: tall usually spiny North American tree having small greenish-white flowers in drooping racemes followed by long twisting seed pods; yields very hard durable reddish-brown wood; introduced to temperate Old World.

Evening Grosbeak: North American grosbeak.

Genus Sialia: North American bluebirds.

Common Raccoon: North American raccoon.

Brazil: three-sided tropical American nut with white oily meat and hard brown shell.

Common Shiner: the common North American shiner.

Bluebird: blue North American songbird.

American Kestrel: small North American falcon.

Actitis Macularia: common North American sandpiper.

American Plaice: large American food fish.

Pine Finch: small finch of North American coniferous forests.

Agelaius Phoeniceus: North American blackbird with scarlet patches on the wings.

Ectopistes Migratorius: gregarious North American migratory pigeon now extinct.

Hatchet: weapon consisting of a fighting ax; used by North American Indians.

Actaea Alba: North American herb with white poisonous berries.

Genus Heterotheca: genus of yellow-flowered North American herbs.

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