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Amiss meaning in Urdu

Amiss Sentences

Something is amiss.
If you think him guilty you judge amiss.

Amiss Synonyms


Amiss Definitions

1 of 4) Amiss, Awry, Haywire, Wrong : نا مناسب, خرابی : (satellite adjective) not functioning properly.

2 of 4) Amiss, Awry : غلط : (adverb) away from the correct or expected course.

Something went badly amiss in the preparations.

3 of 4) Amiss : غلط انداز سے : (adverb) in an improper or mistaken or unfortunate manner.

He spoke amiss.
No one took it amiss when she spoke frankly.

4 of 4) Amiss, Imperfectly : برے طور سے, نامکمل طور پر, ناقص انداز میں : (adverb) in an imperfect or faulty way.

Miss Bennet would not play at all amiss if she practiced more.

Useful Words

No-Go : غیر کارآمد حالت میں , Sluggish Liver : سست جگر جو درست کام نہ کرے , Lead Astray : گمراہ کرنا , Action : قانونی کارروائی , Well-Fed : غذائیت والی , Behave : تمیز سے پیش آنا , Bad : خراب , Deserved : مستحق ہونا , Unkempt : بے تکا , Gloss Over : مناسب طریقے کے بجائے جلد بازی سے معاملہ کرنا , Competent : اہل , Incompetence : کسی حصے یا جسمانی عضو کا درست کام نہ کرنے کا عمل , Lieu : مقام , Proportional : نسبتی , Maladjustment : بے ترتیبی , Disapprove : غلط سمجھنا , Be Amiss : غلط سمجھنا , Atonement : کفارہ , Misapplication : کسی چیز کا غلط استعمال , Evil : برا , Incensed : ناراض , Wrong : بری طرح پیش آنا , Moral Excellence : تقوی , Arraign : الزام دینا , Regret : افسوس , Disapprove : ناپسند کرنا , Misinterpretation : غلط تعبیر , Misdate : غلط تاریخ لگانا , Amends : رشوت , Misplaced : بے محل , Misguided : غلط

Useful Words Definitions

No-Go: not functioning properly or in suitable condition for proceeding.

Sluggish Liver: unhealthy liver which does not work properly or flush out toxins properly.

Lead Astray: lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions.

Action: a judicial proceeding brought by one party against another; one party prosecutes another for a wrong done or for protection of a right or for prevention of a wrong.

Well-Fed: properly nourished.

Behave: behave well or properly.

Bad: not working properly.

Deserved: properly deserved.

Unkempt: not properly maintained or cared for.

Gloss Over: treat hurriedly or avoid dealing with properly.

Competent: properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient.

Incompetence: inability of a part or organ to function properly.

Lieu: the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another.

Proportional: properly related in size or degree or other measurable characteristics; usually followed by `to'.

Maladjustment: the condition of being unable to adapt properly to your environment with resulting emotional instability.

Disapprove: consider bad or wrong.

Be Amiss: interpret in the wrong way.

Atonement: compensation for a wrong.

Misapplication: wrong use or application.

Evil: morally bad or wrong.

Incensed: angered at something unjust or wrong.

Wrong: treat unjustly; do wrong to.

Moral Excellence: the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.

Arraign: accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy.

Regret: sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment.

Disapprove: deem wrong or inappropriate.

Misinterpretation: putting the wrong interpretation on.

Misdate: assign the wrong date to.

Amends: something done or paid in expiation of a wrong.

Misplaced: put in the wrong place or position.

Misguided: wrong in e.g. opinion or judgment.